USB Car stereo recommendations

Wasn't sure if this was suited to this or the techy forum but hey ho:

I'm looking at replacing my bog standard CD player and have persuaded the missus to get me a new one for xmas. Sadly there appears to be seemingly millions at an assortment of prices!!

I'm after one with CD and USB as a minimum, bluetooth would be nice if it's only a few quid difference but not essential. She has a budget of around £50 and I've noticed a few Pioneer and Sony ones priced as such.

Anyone got any suggestions?? Are ALBA worth a look for example or are they cheap for a reason??

Thanks in advance!
I've got this: Sony MEX-BT3900U Bluetooth USB CD/Mp3 Car Stereo (Radio Tuner,Front Aux Input): Electronics

Can be had for 80 quid if you are willing to accept a scuffed box (from someone bashing it at the warehouse).

Quality bit of kit. Will answer calls to keep you legal. Will play music from my iphone. And the sound quality is top notch. Also charges your phone or satnav giving you another 12v port.

Don't know about the other makes. If I were you I'd stick the extra few quid on a bluetooth one, really does make it much easier to take calls on journeys, as it will automatically pair with your phone when you get in, saving hassle.
Also note when I got mine I couldn't use the controls on my steering wheel. Had to spend another tenner to get them to work (need another cable) but was worth it.
Aldi have ones that take USB/aux input and memory sticks and have bluetooth with remote control for £40 sheets just now sound OK as well 4x40watt output for the speakers and a 3yr warrenty on it as well.


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I have had my 8-Track for 40 years and it still works like new. I could be persuaded to sell it to you. Do you own a jet-ski, a mountain bike or a wife?


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Can't tell you what mine is without going out in the rain to have a llok, but the usb is magic. I have several usb sticks, each around 8 gig and with hours and hours of comedy and plays on them, and a couple with audio books. Fantastic. No cds rattling around getting scratched, no fiddling to change them halfwat through or anything like that. Mine also has an aux thingy that I can plug ipod into, mobile phone or prtable vibrator.
You will never regret getting one. ( not the mobile vibrator, although your missus might appreciate the thought) Mr stereo doesn't do bluetooth but then I have a visor thing that handles that.
Cheers guys I'll get her to keep an eye out :)

I may upgrade the speakers later but at this stage it's more having the capability to play off of USB sticks and my MP3 player. That and something which is simple to use without having to take my eyes off of the road to fiddle with little buttons


I have had my 8-Track for 40 years and it still works like new. I could be persuaded to sell it to you. Do you own a jet-ski, a mountain bike or a wife?
I've got a wife. She may want to take her husband with her though. (He's good at picking up leaves and things)

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