Usain Bolt - Wow!

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by the_guru, Aug 16, 2008.

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  1. That was unbelievable !

    The most dismissive run in history. He was celebrating at 20 metres out.

    9.69 ! He could have taken another 10th out of that.

    He is going to lap someone in the 200m ;-)
  2. Electrifying - it looked as if he could have turned in a 9.5! BUT ... let's just hope he doesn't do a Johnson and test positive.
  3. Cheeky Git wasnt he!

    Cant imagine how small it makes the rest of the runners feel!
  4. Bloody brilliant stuff. Six people under 10 seconds, three under 9.9. I didn't see the semi finals, what happened to Tyson Gay and our last GB athlete?

    I agree with you the_guru, (and Colin Jackson), he could take the 100m to 9.5something. I like Johnson too as a pundit, he always talks sense. Could Bolt go under 19.32? Yes, but when? Johnson said he would but requires stamina for that extra 100m. True but only a little while ago Bolt's coach was considering his athlete NOT running the Olympic 100m in which case Bolt would have concentrated on only the 200m which he would have been perfectly prepared for endurance wise. If this is the case he could break Johnson's WR and even threaten sub 19 seconds! But Bolt is after medals not times, they'll come at the Grand Prix events where the financial bonuses are the motivator.

    Bolt ran 9.85 in the semi too!
  5. He is either exceptionally good or.............

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  6. I hope to God he isn't doped because that run made me feel like a Kid again.

    When I grew up dipping under 10 secs was an achievement, and the sense of wonder I (think we all) had when he dismissed the other 7 fastest men on the planet was incredible.

    He arrrsed about on the start line and took the mick 20 metres out from the finish. When he was interviewed afterwards he wasn't cocky but geniunely likeable. He has put a smile on sprinting again and I for one am chuffed.

    I believe under the new handicap system he has to do the 200M backwards wearing clown shoes............
  7. My bold. Just so he can actually see the looks on the other runners faces as he overtakes them? :D
  8. An astonishing run and he's completely drug free it seems as the Jamaican team have been heavily targeted by the dope testers. Apparently he has had so much blood taken from him in the past few weeks that he was concerned it would affect his performance.

    Can't wait for the 200m.
  9. 200m heats this morning, he may as well have done a girly skip from about 100m out.

    odds on him being the first man to do 9.5 and 18.??, must be woth a few quid
  10. he was jogging the whole thing to be honest. the person next to him, was properly struggling to keep up with him.
  11. Every time they re-engineer the doping agent EPO and synthesise it into a new form of performance enhancing substance it takes ages for the testers to catch up. I hope he's clean.
  12. A mazing!

    I got this funny feeling he's Welsh you know. Brought up in Abertillery.

    Can you imagine him on one wing and Shane Williams on the other? Shane skinned that South African wing, think what Bolt would do to him - playing a mouth-organ and reading a newspaper at the same time too.

    (OK I know I'm biased and bigoted and a Grand Slam winning Welshman).
  13. He wouldn't be traking EPO - no point over a 100 (although I know some lunatics have taken it). He doesn't even look like a user - I mean, look at Johnson and Chambers, they looked as if they were on the gear. Bolt isn't blown up.

    The Grand Prix events sometimes pay big money for world records. He'll have to prepare really carefully to be able to shave an absolute ba' hair off the record each time, and make it look real.
  14. He's just broken the 200m world record, kaboom!