Usain Bolt does it again

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by carlbcfc, Aug 20, 2009.

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  1. ..He's has just smashed his own WR for the 200m. 19.19!! do you compete with that?
  2. I watched the race and Bolt is just phenomenal! It must be extremely frustrating for other 100-metre and 200-metre runners to be up against somebody as astonishingly fast as Usain Bolt.

    I also believe it's the first time that the first five runners in a 200-metre race all came in under 19:00 seconds! The man's in a class all by himself and has generated intense interest in athletics almost single-handedly.

  3. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    I take it in order for sexual equality to be proven they are going to check his wedding tackle to make sure he is a bloke.
  4. Under 20 secs!!

    It was very impressive i must say. He had them all before the bend was even over. Wonder if he can break the 19sec mark at some stage?

  5. He said he was knackered even before the race and hinted he could concentrate on the 200m and give that his best.

    What more can he achieve at 100m? He blew Tyson Gay away, and he ran a PB. They all looked like they were gonna cry as there is NOTHING they can do. Its a shame for the great athletes that will be forgotten due to Usian Bolt's speed.

    I wonder how fast he runs the 400m?
  6. How can you be "knackered" running a few 100 & 200m races ????
  7. They are "delicate, Dahling."
  8. Look in front of you.....imagine 10 try and cover that, on foot, in under 1 second.

    To answer my own question, he runs the 400m is 45.28s

    Michael Johnson still holds that one at 43.18s
  9. Talking of Michael Johnson, it shouldn't be forgotten that he was the "Usain Bolt" of his day. He still holds the 400-metre world record and he reduced his own 200-metre world record of 19:66 (beating Pietro Mennea's 1969 record of 19:72) by FOUR TENTHS of a second to 19:32, which is a lot more than the 11-hundredths of a second reduction Usain Bolt achieved. However, having said that, the Bolt man is just incredible!