Usain Bolt Chain nicked?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Pebbles015, Aug 11, 2012.

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  1. Apparently (there's a good start) somebody in the pub (there's the clincher) said that the fastest man on two feet has had their chain nicked.

    This brought about a number of issues for me.

    1. The validity of the source, someone in the pub said it so its true! its fecking law!

    2. He is Jamaican? SHURELY the last thing he'd be precious about is being fucking CHAINED!

    3. WTF is he doing off his chain in the first place?????
  2. [​IMG]
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  3. It was shown live , when he went into the crowd...I saw it happen and thought..hmm? ...souvenier hunter?
  4. Steaming season will soon be upon us; Notting Hill carnival in a fortnight. Someone's just training for the individual events. A man like Bolt should appreciate that.
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  5. I'm glad to see you didn't get molested by ghosts & ghouls last night pebbles, nor wake up in a pool of vomit, discovered by the cleaners prior to your transfer to Little Chef.
  6. It'll take more than spirits (of either kind) to get me in that state
  7. People who say "feck" instead of "fuck" should be gassed.
  8. Chuffing 'effin barstewards the cnuts.
  9. Why the FECK not , it was invented by the green, white and gold tribes of Norn Irn to address us whilst going about our lawfull duties in the boggy lands so that their God ( who was a Cattolick to them ) would not condem them to a life of stoking the devils boiler when the day of attonement met them .
    Can I say 'kin instead ? or fack or maybees fick or howsabout fock ? awright then fuck it is
  10. You unenlightened fecks. We stopped chaining ours up years ago.

    I feel so liberal I have the urge to grease up my arse and skip along scattering daisies.
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  11. Well there's your problem right there...
  12. TSK TSK gents ladys in the room,,,
  13. Sorry love, why don't you go get us a cuppa? There's a pet.
  14. i am no brew bitch,,,,get it yerself
  15. Yeah, you all know the rules:

    No swearing when there is cunt about!