USAF spending $9 million on iPads

Discussion in 'US' started by DavidBOC, Mar 4, 2012.

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  1. According to an article I saw the US AIr Force is spending $9 million to buy 18.000 iPads for use by pilots.

    Air Force Gives $9 Million Award for as Many as 18,000 IPads - Bloomberg

    Interesting use of technology. I do wonder, since iPads are made in China, if they will be sure that the devices are not "phoning home" data to China. I have read a lot of articles about disk drives, flash drives, digital picture frames containing malware that does just that.
  2. I expect most electronics will contain Chinese chips across the board.

    You have 18,000 pilots?
  3. We're starting the same over here. It's being trialled at present. Good idea in my eyes, save loads of money in the long run.
  4. Yup. Distance learning is the new black and we're trialling quite a few things besides iPads. There are going to be a selection of iOS and Android apps available to download from ArmyNET in the next couple of months and the Army virtual learning environment is being trialled at a number of Phase 1 establishments including RMAS.

  5. I'm not AF or exAF but last time I looked there were about 11,000 pilots plus about 5,000 other flying officers (navigation, weapons etc) However they only have about 5700 planes. The total USAF, including reserve components is about 500,000 in uniform I think but Obama wants to shrink down the military.
  6. Only 5700 planes? ****,is that all?
  7. We probably sold them half for peanuts!
  8. More stuff for the Iranians to take off the Navy.
  9. Sadly yes. About half of what they had when Clinton took office but Clinton made a lot of cuts.

    edited to add:

    Navy is down to 11 Carriers: Enterprise plus the 10 Nimitz Class. On the plus side they are all CVN's, a force multiplier as fuel economy is not a major issue they can run at higher speeds and not worry about where the tankers are.
  10. Just 5,700 planes and 11 carriers? How the **** will you defend yourself when the suicide penguins have ravaged them?
  11. If you've got 5700 planes, don't be ******* stingy share some with your best mates in Oz.
  12. no discount for buying in bulk :(
  13. that is 500$ a pad, just goes to show that their procurement is just as bad as everyone else's.
  14. They only don't have to worry about where the tankers are if they also don't have to worry where their escorts which should be providing a screen are, and don't have to worry about refuelling their air wing.
  15. I don't know, the MOD would probably spent £18million to develop something that was twice the size and weight of an iPad but with only half the functionality and costs £5k per device.
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