USAF "special operations" guards

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by petergriffen, Jan 21, 2008.

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  1. I didn't know whether to put this in the multinational forum or here, but anyway, USAF "special opertions" security or what?

    [/quote]AFSOC Sharpens a New “DAGRE”
    AFSOC trains
    MSgt Dale Zmuda of AFSOC shoots an advanced combat course during the DAGRE training at Hurlburt Field, FL. (Photo by Major Scott Covode) (released)
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    by Maj. Scott Covode
    AFSOC Public Affairs

    6/28/2007 - HURLBURT FIELD, Fla. -- Special operations security forces are upgrading their training to protect high risk aircraft in deployed locations. Handpicked members of security forces squadrons from all over Air Force Special Operations Command are participating in a new training program called DAGRE (Deployed Aircraft Ground Response Element) to upgrade their combat skills to support future AFSOC deployments into contingency areas.

    During this inaugural 11-week course, security forces Airmen from the 352nd Special Operation Group, RAF Mildenhall, 353rd Special Operation Group, Kadena AB 27th Fighter Wing at Cannon AFB, N.M., 919th Special Operations Wing, Duke Field, FL and Headquarters AFSOC and 1st Special Operations Security Forces Squadron here, are learning advanced combat and shooting tactics and honing unarmed fighting and combat first aid skills. They have all received certification from the Air Force's PHOENIX RAVEN program which trains them to provide security for Air Mobility Command's aircraft in high threat areas. In between their combat courses and tough physical training regimen they are also taking classes at the Air Force Special Operations School here in anti-terrorism, counter insurgency and other specialized courses. This further prepares them for scenarios they will find in Iraq, Afghanistan and other hot spots around the globe.

    "The course was designed to fill a capabilities gap that existed between the Raven's training and combat operations found in Iraq and Afghanistan," said Lieutenant Colonel Erik Rundquist, AFSOC DAGRE program manager. "AFSOC's specialized combat aircraft require additional protection when deployed and our security forces are the right guys to handle that mission. But they required additional training to prepare them for the austere and hostile environments they will most likely deploy in," he said. Special Operations Forces and aircrews are regularly deployed to locations all around the world to support various combat missions.

    Advanced combat tactics training and sharpened shooting skills are a must says Master Sgt. Mark Nucci, an AFSOC combat arms instructor. "The basic weapon's training is too static and not realistic enough for an offensive combat scenario. We teach the security forces guys how to shoot, move and communicate so they can take the fight to the enemy to protect the resources they are assigned to. They learn to operate under high stress conditions and that will pay off when they do come under fire," said Sergeant Nucci.

    "This training is realistic and tough, but we are learning so much that will help us downrange. We will be well prepared for future deployments" said Master Sergeant Carlos Rosa, non-commissioned officer in charge of the DAGRE team for the 1st.

    The training culminates with an 8-mile tactical road march into a scenario where each team will be required to showcase their new skills in an austere environment under hostile conditions.

    Eighteen security forces Airmen will graduate the DAGRE course on June 29.

    Future classes are already planned in order to build a full complement of DAGRE capabilities within the AFSOC community.
  2. I've worked with these guys in 2005, all the gear, no idea.
  3. Are they just an equivalant to our RAF Regiment or RAF Police?
  4. Not far off mate. They provide both a policing and security role, although at places like mildenhall and fairford they are constantly struggling to fine a role. Although covered by the visiting forces act they don't have any real power to provide and overt armed presence, as there role was designed for.
    On a more basic level the guys are well out of shape, yet still cut around the place in blacked out pick ups with blue lights on, I've had a few run ins with them.
    I have seen them attempt to work with RAFP, M.D.P and the Rock apes all with linited success. I am glad to say our attitude to security and policing has always seemd more realistic and relevant to the threat, whilst the USAF seemed more intent on masssive visual impact.
  5. Oh, God - not again!!??

    Met some of these - errm - people in Kuwait a few years ago: Their ally title is 'The Black Ravens' and the Colonel is 'Raven One'.

    It gets worse..................

    ......was talking to one of their Command Master Super Sexy Sergeants (or whatever) and part of the contents of their daysack was - 200 Marlboro.

    Honest - I sh1t you not.

    I guffawed a guffaw but the man was deadly serious: apparently the 'Action On....' for this was when they deplaned and did'nt want to immediately turn the local playing field into a Muslim My Lai - you whipped out your Marlboro and distributed them to the local Talibanistanis, thus instantly diffusing A Very Tense Time.

    I made an excuse and left...................
  6. I'm afraid so. The whole outfit are a bunch of clowns.
  7. If you mean "Are USAF Security Forces (formerly Security Police) generally considered to be the biggest mongs in the whole of the United States' armed forces?" then the answer is yes.
  8. I think I saw some in K2, which was an Uzbek airbase we landed at before going off on ex a few years ago now.

    They seemed to have an array of Hummvees with machine guns on and the words SECURITY POLICE or SECURITY FORCES or somesuch emblazoned all over the place, maybe they'd forget which veh was theirs otherwise...

    As they used the word 'police' and had MG armed hummvees I imagine they are a cross between our RAF regiment and RAF police, but stand to be corrected?

    When asked by them what the 'feather' in my beret meant, I had to fight off the urge to tell them that the hackle is only awarded to that select minority of personnel who complete the All Arms Close Quarters Kung Fu Course...
  9. Seriously, who the fck wants to stand around aircraft hangers all day with a dog called saxon thinking about your dinner.

    It seems like a recruiting tool to me. Basic sales.

    Make it look a bit "fast" and everyone wants to join up.
  10. Fucking hilarious!
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    "Son, what do you do?"

    "Sir, yessir yessir yessir! I am a Black Raven Special Ops Field Security PFC SIR YESSIR YESSIR!!!!!!"

    "That sounds pretty darn impressive son! What are your duties?"

    "Sir, yessir yessir yessir! I protect this here door sir yessir with my life and my rifle, sir yessir, which is a part of me that I will never relinquish in the field of combat SIR YESSIR YESSIR YESSIR HOOOOAAAAAA!!!!!"

    "That's er, good son, carry on"

  12. so there final test is a CFT :roll:
    not actually sure what the ablity to tab very far for a role guarding aircraft achieves :twisted:
    basically if your job involves making sure super secret airframes that cost billions don't get turned into scrap metal on the ground.
    I'd want every bit of ground survelliance gear I could get hold of.
    likely spots for direct fire or indirect fire mined or covered by fire and roving patrols tooled up to **** covering the manpad footprint
    some of that was achieved by the old home service TA battalions with out a single black raven

  13. Black Ravens - Expert in counter pastie work.
  14. Having read the artical, I have one question,


    Or was this only taught so you could beat up Brits taking the pi$$!
  15. I've met this lot when they turned up at RAF Honnington for the strickland trophey (annual thing, skill at arms etc etc)... they had to award the septics points out of kindness to them otherwise they would have come in a flat ZERO ! all the Rocks where falling about wetting themselves laughing at the cluster fu#ks as they made b#lls up after b#lls up on each section.
    Comedy value 10 out of 10 !!.......