USAF secrets to local tourist office

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Pacifist_Jihadist, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. Well it seems that the yanks are a bit silly and not checking who they send stuff to. For the past 7 years a local tourism office has been recieving personal and restricted restricted e:mails intended for the local air base. Some people just cant figure out the difference between and, surely the lack of a .mil should have made them stop and think 8O

    Linky (BBC)

  2. Who gives a fcuk what the 100 Communication Squadron advised him. How can Mr Sinnott block unrecogniseable addresses on an INFORMATION website for ANYONE to access.

    Nor is it Mr Sinnotts responsiblity to have an auto-reply.

    The people sending the information need to know who and where they are sendin gthe info. Period. It is the fault of the sender, not the receiver.

    Mr Sinnott open your site again. If mongs wish to send you classified data, keep sending it to the spams until they learn.

    USAF Fcuk off, how about you "request" or "ask" rather than "advise".
  3. Can somebody please remind me how people that thick ended up running the world again?
  4. I live in Mildenhall. There are LOTS of red faces about atm (And I don't mean native Americans)
  5. God these yanks!
  6. He should sell the domain name to the USAF for a shed load of money instead. :D

  7. I visited that site for a laugh when I first arrived at Mildenhall (his rants were hilarious). The man can't comprehend that there are computer illiterate people in the world, and he doesn't understand why the USAF won't just wave its magic wand and eliminate all human error. Apparently the thought of changing his site to never crossed his mind. I think he secretly enjoyed having an excuse to rail against the yanks.

    If I recall correctly the majority of emails received were actually from civilian sources. Sorry, nothing we can do about that.
  8. WTF should he? If the USAF can't spot the difference between .mil and .com, what makes you think that they'd spot a It seems that recognition has never been a US strongpoint.
  9. I wonder how much he wants for the name?
  10. He should put it up for auction on eBay with a suitably large reserve price. :)
  11. '' is still available.... :roll:
  12. Apparently Herr Hitler threw your asses off of the continent and you wanted to go back.

    Bet you don't do that again, eh?
  13. Well you tw@ts never learnt from Nam and just look at the mess in Iraq and Afghanistan now you throbber! How did it feel getting by a little guy called charlie in flip flops and black PJs?

    Well, you were late for the last two shows, nice to see you turned up early for this one and yeah yeah, you got 'independance in 1776, then we burnt your fcuking capital down in 1812 was it and you were fighting amongst yourselves within 100 years so fcuk off and die septic!
  14. Found this:

    which led me to this:

    17 years???? Give up. There's plenty more fish in the sea.