USAF Predator, Reaper and classified UCAV Programmes

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by AndyPipkin, Jan 22, 2007.

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  1. I know a little about the surge in building. Rumsfeld visited GA a couple of years ago and asked what it would take to double output of the basic Predator version.

    Answer : About 800 more employees and $300M investment

    Rumsfeld: Do it then!

    Source - a senior GA manager who was present.

    TB - take note!
  2. Would it be so difficult to build an unmanned dog-fighter plane? The benefits would be a lighter aircraft that was far more agile and far better at seeing and dealing with targets.

    Imagine a fighter that was half the size and weight of current ones, 3-4 times more agile and had 6 or 7 operators for the different functions.

    G forces would not be a limitation and because 'pilot' space would not be an issue, you could have a larger number of operators taking care of different functions, such as 4 people watching the 360deg visual sensors, flying, watching the radar and controlling the weapons.

    You could also make it much more stealthy due to the smaller frame size.

    Am I breaking opsec?
  3. No the programme is so well advanced with DARPA et al in Spamland that some people there say that the latest fighter (JSF) may be the last manned jobber.
  4. Before OIF USAF did try to shoot down an Iraqi MiG using a Predator/Stinger combination butit didn't work.