Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Red Shrek, Nov 29, 2005.

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  1. Gutsy stuff those guys are made of.
  2. The link's tits-up mucker.
  3. Looks like the whole google video site is down at the moment. I was watching the US Ambush video earlier and that's gone now too.
  4. The video is up again.
  5. The day in the life of the avarage Air trooper.
  6. Typical US Pish.
  7. Good vid, but why are Americans such arses.
  8. Deleted.
  9. Bright sunshine and no wind then?
  10. Deleted.
  11. Typical responses.I'd like to see you guys even attempt the kind of things these guys do.
  12. 307

    307 War Hero

    Bit like the RAFs combat recovery personell, in their role of pilot and 'sensitive material' recovery and rescue.
  13. Two replies of an honest nature and you reply like that? Is a USAF PJ your boyfriend?

    If you want lots of high fives and arrse slapping, post the link on
  14. Can i get a huh hah sergeant. No well then im not arrsed. I used to like that fella. Now i think he is just a complete and total Gob sh!te. All that macho we will go all the way that others may live sh!t makes me wanna vomit. I reckon they are just all the gear no idea types. Fcuking Walts. No polotics involved my arrse. I bet they dont go and rescue Delta walts when they are planting IED's in Choggi government buildings but when some bird gets a bit of a slap and some bum love during Telic they kick into gear.

    I'd also like to see them do a sea cadet exercise never mind SCBC or something similar. What a gang of tossers.

    Good Night Ladies!
  15. 307

    307 War Hero

    actually crow you are massivley off the mark, they do some bloody brave stuff, OK they ahve lots of shiny gear but these lot may actually need it. Example Afghanistan in the Tora Bora region of mountains I think it was, a buinch of delta or green berets or some such get cut off by a massive enemy force, hopelessly outnumbered sort of sketch. So Ranger reinforcement arrives think it winds up with a chinook going down, lots of casualties split into a few groups if I recall correctly, lots of guys needing T1 immediate evacuation, but obviously they can't be extracted because of situation, even though it was a hopeless cause the Pararescue guys went in to the isolated groups and tried to save as many guys as they could. I know it's their job to do this, but its unfair to call them all the gear no idea types. If you wanna find out more aboutt he incident and exact details im sre it'll be on the web if not, it's in a book called task force dagger also, which by the way is an excellent accaurate and macho free read.