USAF leave perplexing model of Roswell alien in Norfolk loft

No, I'm not wearing my tinfoil Napoleon hat.

Extremely strange and very silly story.

The serial number on the alien's foot is 20318134. Is that a 1970's army number by any chance?

This thread is also a golden opportunity for you to post your UFO abduction experiences. Sadly, I haven't had one. Well, not yet.

What you mean is that you haven't remembered your experience yet. However for $1500 my Arizona based clinic will regress you through immersion psychobabble..erm..I mean therapy and enable you to remember the humiliating and degrading experiences that the space-goons put you through. Particularly the **** probing...mmmm
I was abducted by aliens in 1971 - they had disguised themselves as the ds at helles barracks - the initial 8 weeks of reprogramming by shouting and other forms of physical and mental abusewas followed by a 9 year trip of mind bending proportions around the galaxies known as verden, lisburn before crash landing in aldershot where, thru the attentions of the good lords at taunton, i was repatriated into the human race.
I find the comments about Norfolk more amusing!!!

The reason that no one was bothered before is that they are all around there...6 fingers!!! That aint natural :S

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