USAF General--Total Idiot or Just Deranged????

Okay this is just bizarre.

"If we're not willing to use it here against our fellow citizens, then we should not be willing to use it in a wartime situation,"

My coworkers and I discussed his argument amongst ourselves just now, and are in agreement--heck, if we're not willing to use 7.62mm NATO Ball against our own people, how could we possibly explain to the world community our willingness to use it against foreign enemies? Really now...

The lunatics have taken over the asylum. Film at 11.
He is insane, is a PR disaster and is very probably out of a job
He's not a General - he retired from the USAF in the 70s as a Captain, and then went into business. He was previously the Undersecretary of Defense for Technology, Acquisition and Logs, and had overseen the development of non-lethal weapons (which is what's he's on about, of course) in that post.

I think I can see his point, after a fashion. He's suggesting that if you're going to microwave rioting mobs in Iraq using fancy new non-lethal (but rather unpleasant) technology, it becomes less easy for critics to suggest that this is an inappropriate policing method since the Americans wouldn't dream of employing the same technology against rioters in the US if, in fact, it's standard procedure in many US police departments to cook a rioter at 650 W for 3 minutes as well.

Not his best-made point, perhaps, but not completely off the wall (this assumes that CNN's editing hasn't reduced a slightly more sophisticated discussion to one sentence)
He is after all the Secretary of the Air Force. He is only talking about non-lethal weapons for crowd control. No big deal. After all cops in the US before they can use a taser have to be tased "so they know how the target would feel". Tomorrow there will be a story saying his comments were "taken out of context".

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