USAF Demotes Playboy Sergeant

Effin' stunner....


Book Reviewer
Goddam man, this babe is hot!!!

We need her in our team!
You recon they might swap?

Picture copyright 2006 News Group Newspapers Ltd
I'd give it a shot.
For some reason I always think of Dear Uncle Adolf when I see girls with theit bits shaved like that!
That's not porn, that's fookin art...where are the gunshot wound shots or as they refer to them at the Institute of contemporary Art I believe, "the badly packed kebabs"?
And she has that body after having two kids. Mrs. Corporal didn't like it when I asked her "What the hell happened to you?".

On a side note, she was domoted, taken off active duty and returned to the Air National Guard, and yesterday she resigned.

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