USAF and US Navy in the UK

How do they get away with using American number plates in the UK on thier cars? Because the traffic regs says you have to put British plates on cars imported after a year?
NATO Status of Forces Agreement. They don't pay Council Tax, either.

NATO SOFA also allows UK forces to have UK plates in Germany, though it means dealing with the fascists at the BFGVLO.
ViroBono said:
Visiting NATO forces are subject to various agreements and exemptions. They don't pay Council Tax, either.
Same goes in the US. Had a Brit in the area that didn't have to change his plates for two years.
SOFA says it all. Their imported vehicles don't have to meet UK Constructionand Use regulations either. That's why they have red indicators etc.

SOFA is an individual agreement between each country. That's why the yanks in Germany can get away with driving cars that a Brit could not put through the BFG test.
served over here RAF Alconbury and RAF Mildenhall with the USAF for 8 years, if the car is brand new from the US the you can use US plates etc.

But if the car is 3 years or older and therefore requires an MOT, then you have to fit UK plates, and a white reverse lights etc (US ones are red)

hope this helps

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