USAF allegedly bombed Pakistan. 18 dead including 5 children

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jan 13, 2006.

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  2. Again? Oh good.

    "Smart bombs are nothing without smart people to operate them..."
  3. [Oh Lord, not again... :roll: ]. Tell me Sergey, do you spend all your time hunting about the internet for anything that might discredit the United States or the West in general? :wink:
  4. super precision smart weapons that never miss.................

    .............pity the same cant be said of the trigger happy sods that seem to be using them.
  5. I must admit I have never been able to make my mind up about our Rooshin board member.
    Is he an innocent individual upholding his countries honour, Nothing wrong with that.
    Or is Sergey the front man for an office who hunt down anti western properganda.
    I get annoyed with our US cousins their 'abuse' of the enemy, it does come across as so much raceisam. However they did cum across for us, for whatever reasons, when we needed them.
    still undecided.
  6. If it's the same attack that I think it is, they're currently trying to establish whether or not they whacked Zawahiri.
  7. Maybe we will get lucky and have al Jazeera confirm his passing.
  8. I spent a year in Russia, mostly St. Petes. There's a real inferiority complex towards the U.S. among some Russians over their loss of superpower status; part admiration with healthy doses of envy, jealousy and undertones of a Western conspiracy against them. Wounded pride is an awful thing.

    Beautiful women there though.
  9. Until they hit their 45th birthdays- then they mysteriously turn into Leonid Brezhnev's ugly sister. :twisted:
  10. More ''anti-us toss''lets have the facts first before we place blame .
  11. My answer is NO, moreover I suspect that you knew the answer.

    But I don't understand cause of your question. It is news number 1 now. And it is a very important incident, worth to be discussed. There is no need to search in Internet because the story is on the surface.

    But in the same article we read


    So Pakistan (that has nuclear weapons) has been attacked. So it is possible in Russia. Why not?

    Would you be surprised to see him performing a terror act?
  12. Funny thing is that only 2 weeks ago Al-Zawarhi released a video tape on Al-Arabiya stating that Bush should 'admit defeat' in both Afg and Iraq. Prior to that he stated 'jihad to those Christian and Jewish infidels (US and UK) who harm the Islamic cause'. Looks like you'd better speak to your Press Officer, al Zawarhi; no point in releasing duff information! Well done USAF!
  13. As to Beslan then the village from where some terrorists came is well known. What is your proposition? To make air-strike?

    Russian authorities took all possible measures to avoid and prevent any type of revenge. As I know the village is specially guarded.

    But who are they? Do you mean all Moslems? All Afghans or Pakistanis?

    Frankly speaking I don't see a difference. The operation was performed in typical terrorist manner without any care about possible innocent victims.

    What is it? Srtuggle with the terrorism or a terrorism itself?
  14. It's the cow on the hillside that I feel sorry for. Never stood a chance. Poor Blighter!
  15. Good, glad the yanks have zapped someone who thought he was safe in pakistan.

    Who cares what you think kgb.