I'm in the process of joining the British army (just done my second interview got the third coming up). I am quite optimistic that I will get in. If I do and I somehow manage to pass basic training then I will hopefully have a long term career in the army. However I'm considering moving to America when I'm older so I might decide to do 4 years and leave. If I do go to America years from now I would probably join the US Army. The problem with that is I've heard they don't like women in the armed forces there. I don't know if this is true or not I've heard women are either bitches, sluts or dykes there. On the other hand they allow women into the marines which is pretty cool and some people say that the bad stuff you hear about how they treat women is anti military propaganda. Has anyone served with the US forces? If so do you think it would be a wise choice joining them in say 6 years?
Well, bear this in mind. One in three wench soldiers in the US military get raped by their male colleagues. They have to take a "battle buddy" when they go for a piss. That should tell you something.

Why do you want to go to the US?
Used to train with them alot. Never saw any real discrimination against the slits. That said, they do not allow women in combat trades. Join and you'll end up as a mech, a tech, or a driver of some sort. Which is fine, the army needs all kinds of those echelon trades to function, and they are as honourable service as any other. So just know your role , don't get raped, and keep the whining/ equality creeching to a dead minimum, and you'll be fine.
I am not sure if this is an obvious troll post or not but your fastest way of joining up might be:

Marry U.S. citizen -> get green card -> File for naturalisation -> Become citizen (total of 6-8yrs from start of process) -> Then Enlist

And this is the best case scenario. On average it can take anywhere from 12yrs + for most people via the non-marriage route to become a citizen.

This handy PDF pictorial guide should help you out (click to download):

The reason I even know a little about the process is that my brother in law married an Aussie chick, I gleaned a bit of info from him while he was doing the paperwork etc. for her to become a citizen.
The only US dorris's I have encountered seemed to be very quiet and subservient in comparison to the men.

The loud ones running the risk of getting the Jodie Foster treatement over a pinball machine in the OR's bar.

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