USA Wins 1 - 1

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ScouseD, Jun 14, 2010.

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  1. Well done to our Septic friends, I say, but some of their press need just a tad more understanding about “soccer” and Britland:


    And here:

    :D :rofl:
  2. The commentary teams also won. They had been struggling to get some links to '66.
  3. a Rupert Murdoch paper.
  4. Surely proof to those eejits who say the cousins don't understand irony!

    Good luck in the rest of the group, USA. I'd far rather see you do well than some, well, "foreign" team..... :p
  5. Cant Fking Bellieve i ended up with Algeria in a team bet.
    Just hoping on Rob green to get another one in the net now.
  6. It just depends on how much of a bribe the Algerian Mafia can come up with doesn't it? Allegedly.
  7. Forget the 'USA Wins' faux pas, what the fuck is all that about 'the British'?
  8. Exactly, the Welsh, Scottish or Irish would have soundly thrashed our colonial cousins.

  9. The More they bribe the better.
    Ill get my £100 if they bribe enough
  10. Doing what? International Deep Fried Mars Bar scoffing championship or Global Monkey Spanking?
  11. I agree. :D
  12. Maby the could Hire the ELN
  13. Nope, not even if the 3 Stooges turned out in midfield.
  14. :? WTF? :? I shouldn't call a draw a "win" although it is humorous that we did MUCH better than everyone thought we would. :D It also was nice of Rob Green to help us out with our goal. ;) :boogie: :p

  15. Basically at doing just about anything - except losing at football of course!