USA wants British Pakistanis to have Visas to enter USA

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by boizrus66, May 2, 2007.

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  1. I think this is terrible, where will it end ?

    The American government wants to impose travel restrictions on British citizens of Pakistani origin because of concerns about terrorism, according to a report today.

    In talks with the British government, the US homeland security secretary, Michael Chertoff, called for British Pakistanis to apply for a visa before travelling to the US, according to the New York Times.

    The newspaper claimed that US officials were concerned about the number of terrorist plots in Britain involving citizens with ties to Pakistan.

    It is understood that the British government is resisting any attempts to single out particular ethnic groups for travel restrictions. The Foreign Office has yet to comment on the report.

    Mohammad Sarwar, the Labour MP for Glasgow Central, described the proposal as "unbelievable and shocking. Every British citizen must have the same rights. I don't think America has any right to interfere in this way."

    Mr Sarwar, who was born in Pakistan and became Britain's first Muslim MP in 1997, urged ministers to reject the idea.

    The report of America's concerns follows the conviction earlier this week of five British men for planning a series of attacks across the UK. Four of them were of Pakistani origin. But according to the New York Times, talks on travel restrictions for British Pakistanis have been taking place for some "months".

    Last month, Mr Chertoff held talks with the home secretary, John Reid. It is believed they discussed the visa waiver scheme that allows citizens from 27 countries, including the UK, to travel to the US without a visa for up to 90 days.

    In an interview with the Daily Telegraph on the eve of the talks, Mr Chertoff said: "We need to build layers of protection, and I don't think we totally want to rely upon the fact that a foreign government is going to know that one of their citizens is suspicious and is going to be coming here."

    At the time he did not mentioned restrictions on British Pakistani, but he expressed concern that the terrorist such as the July 7 bombers, three of whom were of Pakistani origin, could have used the visa waiver scheme to enter America.,00.html
  2. How about a reciprocal arrangement for Americans of Irish descent on the grounds that they may finance terrorist activity in the UK
  3. that article is very vague and doesn't point to anything concrete , lots of "according to" and "it is beleived" .

    In other words it's a pile of spam bashing shite with nothing substantial to back it up.
  4. There is no way this will become reality. I would think the UK govt would rather have the entire British no-visa system to the USA scrapped than allow an ethnic group to be targeted like this.
  5. Hmmmmm...... makes one wonder why they feel they have to restrict one particular ethnic group doesn't it :banned:
  6. Have a look at the referenced article then. Look, I've found it for you, here

    The governments are discussing America's security and the UK's discrimination concerns. The Guardian is playing up one option.

    It's a scare story, not Spam bashing.

  7. Must of been a slow news day for them to drag this out for public consumption...
  8. It's a baised pile of shite , mostly recycled from another newspaper.

    And it's lazy journalism, the Gaurdian is increasingly becoming the left-wing version of the Daily mail.
  9. Thanks BigT, generations of us Irish who have fought Britain's wars (basically in order to eat and because we like to fight) really appreciate being lumped in the same boat as the muslim terrorists.

    Britain's liberal sense of fairplay and guilt towards it's former colonies will be its undoing.

    America should really extend the visa idea to all UK muslims not just Pakistanis and you know what, they probaby will before too long.
  10. Butcher.

    Could I just point out generations of Pakistanis have fought Britain's wars , from John Company empire building to the Japanese (Basically in order to eat and they like a row too).

    Not all Pakistanis are Muslim terrorists, just as not all Irishmen are terrorists.
  11. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    I'm a 'white' European Muslim and you couldn't pay me to go to America, I'd feel totally unsafe. I thought about it in the past, but there is no way I'd go currently....
  12. Cow

    Cow LE

    Was that not the whole point of his comment? Don't tar everyone with the same brush, if the US are considering everyone who is UK(Pakistan) to be a possible threat then why should we not consider everone with is US(Irish) a support of terrorism?

    Why stop at Muslims? UK(CofE) could also be Animal Rights protesters, suspected of terrorist acts. Should they not be stopped also? Maybe their crimes aren't of the same scale but they are still crimes.
  13. How would they know?

    If I do not need to fill out a form how would they know my religion/parents nationality its not on my passport. It may be on my birth certificate but after two generations it would not show.
  14. PartTimePongo I'm aware that not all Pakistanis are terrorists infact only a small number could termed such at present, that said I think you will find that when push comes to shove a muslim will have to side with a fellow muslim and therefore none of them can be trusted, ther are all potentially the enemy.

    Feel free to delude yourself otherwise, the British government is.

    Nehustan, yeah I've come across white muslims before, the east european variety. Vlad had the right idea.
  15. So what happens to British Forces personnel of Pakistani descent who need to train in the US?