USA violates Vienna convention on diplomatic relations

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Sep 24, 2006.

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  2. "We were detained during an hour and a half, threatened by police of being beaten."

    This guy is as mad as his leader Chavez!!!
  3. USA violates Vienna convention on diplomatic relations

    That's not news, that's policy!

  4. And this comes after the Venuzuela illegally ripped open a US diplomatic shipment going to the US Embassy there.

    And does anyone believe the cnut? Chances are he was simply treated like a normal traveller: it takes 60-120 minutes to clear US customs in NY on a good day.
  5. Not on a diplomatic passport.
  6. Mad_Moriarty!

    Imagine for a second that British FM would be in the same situation. Would you fell yourself insulted?

    Vienna convention demands a respect to diplomatic agents. They can't be detained, searched and so on. No doubt that the police in the airport knows it pretty well. So it was a deliberate violation of Vienna convention. So what American diplomats could expect in return?
  7. Not at all Sergey. She's a Labour minister, Im a true blue Tory!!! :lol:
  8. Having travelled rather extensively last year on a diplomatic passport, I must debunk one of the myths about them: They are not universally valid.

    e.g. A US Diplomat to the UK will have a US Diplomatic Passport. He will also carry his accreditation documentation at all times. This document shows that he is a bona fide diplomat and is recognised as such by HM. Depending on his status (shown in the accreditation document), his passport will rank from a "get out of jail free card" for any offence to a document that gives no protection from the local plod - it just allows access to embassies and ministries.

    Said US diplomat travels to South Africa on holiday - he should not travel on his diplomatic passport, but on his normal, private passport. Should he travel on his diplomatic passport the border guards are entitled (though rarely do) to ask for his proof of accreditation (for SA), or to see his normal passport (with visa if required). While in SA he will have no entitlement to the protection that diplomatic immunity normally provides, beyond that of the good will between the host nation and the USA.

    Was the Venuzuelan travelling with the correct documents? Was he accredited, did he have a visa (even diplomats need visas for some countries)? Chances are he tried the old "do you know who I am?" trick and got gobby with a very bored Homeland Security Official. As for countries taking offence, Venuzuela Foreign Secretary is of lower standing than a cleaner on the London Undergound. Finally, if a valid diplomat does get gobby, then the official is entitled to inform him that he is detaining him until a suitable official can deal with him. In London that means a policeman from the diplomatic squad or a FCO official. In Hungary (where I have personal experience) it means waiting for an official from the Foreign Ministry to come to your location (normally a couple of hours).
  9. Dread, You are most correct in your post. It's certainly is a myth that others think a Dip passport is a magic ticket to travel.
  10. Suppose that FCO official is at the place of the detention (quite near DS10). The offcial confirms high diplomatic status of the detained. And what? Would be a diplomat in this situation released immediately? Not always I fancy. He can be even frisked in the presence of FCO official.

    Btw, NYC is hosting UN. There exists a special agreement. Foreign ministers of all countries UN-members are under direct protection of Vienna convention.

    PS. Out of the theme, please tell us about the riots in Budapest (on another thread if you wish). Thanks in advance.
  11. The airline flagged him for extra screening, since he arrived late and without a ticket. Anyone who arrives late and without a ticket gets extra screening. At the screening, they discovered who he was.

    Now, what was that saying about mountains and molehills?
  12. I'm not sure Stoatman that you are aware about the true story.;_ylt=ArD7il4cFdSJbhxmNSQnJFRw24cA;_ylu=X3oDMTA5aHJvMDdwBHNlYwN5bmNhdA--

    So States Department official ordered to frisk a FM of foreign country. It is a grave violation of Vienna convention.