USA to provide France with 100 RG-31 MRAP

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fantassin, Nov 26, 2008.

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  1. According to this well informed source (in french), the good ole US of A will provide us poor french army in Afghanistan with 100 RG-31 Mk 5 Category 2 coming from the last batch of 2,000 vehicles ordered by Uncle Sam.

    Apparently, an inquiry of the french MoD for the lease of about 40 MRAP to go along the 5 Buffaloes already bought by France turned into an offer to lend us 100 RG-31s.

    A french team should soon go to the USA to study the offer.

    The delivery should happen soon and it will

    -make french soldiers in A-stan very happy
    -mightily p*ss Thales and Nexter off since they were hoping to provide either the Bushmaster or the yet to be finished Aravis.
  2. Not like Jean Francai to go outside of his own borders for military kit !
  3. Well done - deconflicting the lift for all this will be interesting. Getting yours there may well slow down ours...................
  4. Less and less true though...that's a list of recent FR purchases:

    -Eagle CIRAS
    -Paraclete vests
    -Camelback packs
    -Meindl boots
    -Mk 19 AGL
    -HK 416 rifles
    -MBTIR radios
    -GMLRS unitary rockets

    to name just a few items bought for the RC-E Bn the french army sent to A-stan
  5. Sending a few more soldiers would be nice............. :wink:
  6. The French are usually quite pragmatic when it suits them, so the usual rash statements about only buying French aren't neccessarily true. Besides, what about our own Defence Industrial Strategy - in other words "keeping everything British".
  7. The French ain't too bad, the ones that are there are doing their bit, also working with the Canucks.

    What about those nations who have provided lots of troops but won't let them play at war, won't even let them out at night !

    Tres Bien mes amis !

    Still not like them to buy foreign though (EYEBROWS RAISED) ! 8O
  8. Our defence procurement usually depends on the cheapest bid compared to ablity or specifcation ! Whatever the nationality as long as it is not politically too sensitive. We've even bought russian in order to train Afghan heli pilots.
  9. I suspect that providing double the amount of requested MRAP was a not-so-subtle way of saying "now, what about filling those MRAPs with bodies ?"

    A number of "experts" also think that as soon as Obama gets in power, Sarkozy will do a gesture to reinforce the FR contingent in A-stan as a goodwill message to the new administration.

    Anyway, the same source

    has already said that France should deploy more hardware in 2009, namely 3 Tiger Step One attack helicopters that would probably operate with the Ozzie Tiger ARH in Uruzgan, a Caesar 155 mm SP gun section with 4 pieces using the new 40 km range Eurenco shells, about 40 new PVP scout vehicle and maybe some GMLRS.

    Deployement of the new VBCI is supposedly postponed because the RC-E is not suitable for the use of such a heavy (28 t) AFV. According to RAIDS magazine, the VBCI first Op will be the UNIFIL in the Lebanon in 2009.