USA threatening to stop sharing intelligence again

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Paper_Tiger, May 14, 2009.

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  1. You may have seen in today's Telegraph that this threat has been renewed again.

    I'd like to offer this up for discussion to gauge other's opinions on this?

    I, for one, am livid at the looney-left for protecting this fellow's rights. Do you remember the Brit who hacked some CIA computers looking for UFO info because he's very clever and mentally unwell? He did not get the support he needed from Britain.

    And yet, this would be terrorist is foreign, travelling under a false name and passport in a country he shouldn't be in up to no good and he gets the full support of the British system.

    What have we come to? I am furious. The extreme-left is as bad as the extreme right.

    If a Brit was found somewhere they shouldn't be with fake papers and up to no good. (eg 1970s Ireland, present day Afgahnistan/Iraq) they'd have their heads caved in after brutal torture. And yet we hate ourselves for locking him up for a while.

    As for this chap's claims of torture, he is trained to do that for a propoganda coup. Did no-one in the looney-left get taught about the boy that cried wolf as a youth?

    Decent native Brit gets no help, foreign trouble-maker gets the entire British judicial and diplomatic weight behind him whilst risking relations with out allies.

    It's like watching Clockwork Orange, replacing the extreme-left with the extreme-right is just a different form of madness.
  2. That should stop us making some serious f uck-ups then!
  3. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I can certainly see the Yanks point of view - they share classified information and we make it public. Duh, they're not going to share more information. We should remember the rights of one person do not take priority over the rights of the rest of us. Classify the information Top Secret and tell the High Court to fcuk itself on pain of prison for breaching the official secrets act.
  4. There ia a problem though

    Two words that just don't go together...........
  5. Exactly - this is the same American 'intelligence' that saw us invade Iraq because of their incredibly threatening WMD :x

    Why they think we should value such fiction that highly that we should allow them to torture British citizens is beyond me :?
  6. How many times are the Yanks going to use this stick to beat us with?

    How about we say -ok, you stop sharing your intel and we will demolish all your bases on UK soil. See how your intel looks when you aint got our little island to use as a base.
  7. Oh ye of little faith. US int is top quality, just look at the masses of WMD that they found in Iraq. :wink: Their int sources are of course also top quality, kidnap persons at will, imprison them without due access to legal representation and then "persuade" them to co-operate.
  8. Too right mate - and the British soil around the world too - Diego Garcia, anyone?
  9. Now let me get this right..

    The US intelligence agencies are concerned about sensitive information being made public in the UK. So they write a sensitive letter expressing their concerns. Which miraculously is 'leaked' and appears in the Washington Times newspaper.

    They should be more careful with the handling of their own secrets. :)
  10. Oh for god's sake. Are you all teenagers? Big bad stupid America.

    How many military satellites does the UK own? Where does Britain buy its stealth technology and Nuclear missiles?

    Those big stupid Americans eh?

    I'm reminded of Monty Python while reading your response "Oooo ark, what 'ave the Romans ever done for us?"
  11. And you should also spend a bit more time questionning what EXACTLY it is about the Binyam Mohamed case that the US is so fearful of being released.

    And then ask yourself whether they want to destroy a very successful cooperative agreement on intelligence accumulation and sharing on that basis.

    Smacks of throwing teddy out of the cot rather then a sensible risk analysis.
  12. And how long would you be prepared to be a door mat or have this threat hanging over you? its only so long before you say "take your intel and shove it"maybe this country needs to grow a pair and reverse things, give me your intel or remove your hidden bases in Yorkshire and Lancs for a start.

    Do you think its acceptable for the Yanks to use this each time we do something they dont like?
  13. Telling the yanks to shove it cannot be acceptable over Binyam Mohamed.

    Over Iraq, yes.

    Over that computer hacker, yes.

    Are you some kind of pot-smoking spacey hippy? Taking Binyam Mohamed's side over America's is beyond comprehension.

    The reason I have never had a run in with the Americans is that I don't go to warzones under a false passport and run around armed with terrorist friends. We make less fuss when watching a British citizen get his head cut off on camera than we do over someone who was jailed for good reason for a few years.

    I think you have been brainwashed by the looney-left. Everytime you hear the word America in a sentence you start spouting hippy BS.
  14. Mohamed might or might not have a case to answer - but he didn't get to answer it did he. Plus he was renditioned, tortured and kept imprisoned illegally even under US law.

    don't you find it strange that when there was a chance that his case might have been made to go to trial he was released?
  15. Are you some kind of pot-smoking spacey hippy?

    This is NOT about taking sides re Binyam Mohamed v America. This is about whether the British legal system has precedence over teddy throwing fits by foreigners.