USA Superbowl (Football) Security

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Not_Whistlin_Dixie, Feb 5, 2006.

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  1. From Global National (Canada).

    The Superbowl takes places this afternoon at Ford Stadium in Detroit.

    Security precautions include:

    ** A 50 km no "no fly" zone around the stadium (I believe they would have to re-route traffic approaching and departing from Detroit Metropolitan Airport to make that stick.)

    ** CF-18 Hornet interceptors comprising the NORAD Canadian contingent on patrol with F-16s of the 127th Air National Guard (Selfridge Field, Michigan).

    ** Post Office removed mailboxes in the vicinity of Ford Field.

    ** Coast Guard dive teams and patrol boats active on the Detroit River.

    ** Some Canadian police "cross-deputized" as USA law enforcement officers.

    ** Armed military personnel functioning as police on U.S. soil. "A security officer from the 110th Security Forces Squadron in Battle Creek, Michigan guards the road leading into to the AOL NFL Experience on February 1, 2006 at the COBO Conference/Exhibition Center in Detroit, Michigan.' This unit is described as an activated component of the Air National Guard.

    "Super-tight security for Superbowl" 3 February 2006
  2. Looks like the first security error is that the Americans have assumed that the Canadians are friendly!
  3. It's probably just to make sure that the natives behave themselves- it is Detroit after all. ;) My boss's brother-in-law has a business arranging outsourcing for American companies. He has a hospitality box for the game and is flying 12 people up to the game in the company jet. I'm sure the 30,000 Ford employees that just found out that they are surplus to requirement would just fcuking love to welcome him.

    They're guarsmen- if you've been to an airport recently, you'll know this is nothing new.

    Makes sense, They'd only be filled with pish and burger wrappers after the game.

    Anybody remember the show Due South?

    8O Better them than me. Hopefully the water will be too cold for the hepatitis, e-coli and whatever other type of bacteria and viruses lurk in there to have any effect.

    Seriously, it'll be interesting to see how they cope with the extra traffic going across the border since most people that have gone up there for the weekend have had the good sense to stay in Windsor. It's already the busiest point of entry into the US.