USA Shopping for a UK Citizen - Garmin GPS MAP 60CSx

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by nottyash, Dec 15, 2009.

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  1. I am in the market for one of these:

    Shiny Piece of Kit

    The UK price on average is 300 - 350 quid.

    I have found the same product here:

    Just shows how much we get ripped off

    An approximate saving of US$240 about 160 quid.

    Having tried to order the item from the US store, (As I have an account) it transpires that they will not sell it to someone registered at a UK address, (Apparently owing to warranty issues), my arrse - could have something to do with them wanting you to buy it from their UK sister site.

    Nor will they send it to an APO address I use when at work (Apparently because they don't ship electrical items to APO addresses).

    I have tried believe me, but now matter how hard I hit the PC it will not accept my APO address for this item.

    I don't have any relatives or friends in the USA.

    For obvious reasons I would rather not pay the UK price and was wondering whether anyone has come accross this before and managed to circumvent the problem.

    Whilst I am at it, does anyone have one, used one who can offer a realistic review.

    Cheers in advance.

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  3. The only way around it is to ship to a US address or find a more flexible retailer. I'm not sure if this is Amazon's fault. There are some silly government export restrictions on APO mail. For example, I need to have rifle magazines & optics shipped to my mother-in-law in the Midwest first.

    My advice: find someone you trust with a Septic mother-in-law.

    PS: a bump after 20 minutes, in a forum with minimal traffic, is bad form.
  4. I have the 60Cx, pretty much the same although it doesn't have the electronic compass feature. Got mine for about £150 on ebay about 2 years ago. It's a good GPS if you're using it in the sticks then I would recommend buying the decent mapping software for it, around £150 from Blacks. Colour screen eats AA batteries, get a case for it, Afghan dust scratches feck out of the screen. Overall I'm happy with it, it can also be used as an in car SatNav although on mine you cannot enter the last digit of the postcode.
  5. Thanks for both pieces of advice.

    I'll have to read up on my 'bump' etiquet. :roll:
  6. Also the controls get a big thumbs up, far superior to the Etrex series in my opinion.
  7. Cheers Spaz, have checked fleabay and still a little pricey for a new one at least.

    It is for use in Afghan, also in the market for decent local street level maps.
  8. Mine came with the software for the rail and road network for the whole of europe, this didn't include relief though so I bought the additional software.

    If it's for Afghan and you just want to know where you are I would consider getting one of the smaller wrist ones.



    I looked into getting Afghan mapping for it, a yank firm do it but they want about $500 for it.
  9. It is for Afghan but for my Grab Bag in the event of a de-bus - already have a wrist one, but not practical given my current job.
  10. I have the plain old MAP 60. The black and white screen does the batteries a lot of good, and I'm not fussed about an electronic compass as I always use my GPS in conjunction with (preferably) a real map and (always) compass.

    I think it's really good. An iPhone / Blackberry screen protector (5 for £1 on ebay) cut to size fixes the Afghan dust issue... and anything else that comes your way too. And with a bit of cutting and re-sewing, it fits in the top left pocket of Arktis assault vests.

    Paid £80 on ebay. and yes, the mapping software is good stuff.
  11. Notty, Check your PMs
  12. Thanks for the PM's gentlemen, problem solved. Merry Christmas.