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USA - Odd Things Occurring?

I'm hearing/seeing various reports of the Capitol being "stormed" in Washington, shots fired, maybe person/persons down.

Add anything useful.

Sorry about the source:

All I know for sure is that these Republican Supporters are making sure that the Democrats will win a second term.

Moderate voters will not be impressed by this.


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5live reporting one person has been shot.

Shooting confirm ed by Washington post.
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Protesters have stormed both the Senate and Congress floors. They're inside the building.

The police have drawn weapons



Sigh. I remember the good old days of democracy. People voted, one side won, one side lost. Then we all got on with it.
It seems that everyone is a snowflake these days.


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There was an interesting piece the other day about the D.C. Army National Guard deployment; because Washington D.C. is not a State and does not have a Governor, authority for callout resides in the Secretary of the Army, a Federal official in the Trump administration.


Aye I was watching sky, you'd think it was two different events, seems to be much more info on Al Jazeera.
Must admit that since the beginning of December I watch Al Jazeera instead of the BBC or Sky at breakfast time as the seem to be the only outlet reporting on things other than covid with a sprinkling of magazine/lifestyle pieces.

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