USA Motorhome Holiday - any advice?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Bubbles_Barker, Mar 4, 2012.

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  1. I'm intending to take Mrs Bubbles and the Bubblettes to the USA in July for a motorhome holiday for about 10 days starting and finishing in Washington DC. I'm thinking of doing the standard DC stuff (Arlington, Lincoln Memorial, White House etc) and then Delaware, followed by Cape Hatteras, then West towards Shenandoah Valley, ending up with Gettysburg and back to Dulles. I've searched online but can't find any bespoke itineraries to copy.

    Are there any Arrsers out there who have done something similar? Any advice as to best campgrounds or motorhome providers?
  2. Have done a few RV holidays in the US but all on the west coast. Always hired the RV from El Monte and experienced great service. Top tip - always budget for the additional cost required to reduce your excess to zero. If you have an accident, and you don't have this, it can prove to be mightily expensive. In addition, always go for a larger vehicle than you think you need - your holiday will be that much more enjoyable. Finally, stay in state parks etc if you get the chance - far more enjoyable than commercial campgrounds.

    A recommended itinerary from El Monte, which may suit your needs, is at the link below.
  3. Thanks - but linky no worky!
  4. It comes up blank to start with - needs a few seconds to download!
  5. Top Advice.....

    Don't set the cruise control to 50mph, then head astern to sit down with the others for your lunch.
  6. Not the US but I had a great time in Canada. I always use Trailfinders.
  7. If you hear banjos... run/drive.
  8. If you can work it in drive down to Charlottesville, Virginia, and visit Jefferson's place at Montecello. Then drive up 'Skyline Drive' to Front Royal which is just a nice drive and drops you into horse country near Winchester. You can then head up through the battlefields towards and over Harper's Ferry (worth a stop) and on to Antietam and Gettysburg. Standing in tip of the Triangle looking back down the line of Pickett's charge is humbling, then look south to Little Round Top to understand why the CSA were so desperate to take it, place cannon up there and unpick the Union defence.

    Bull Run/ Manassas is an easy run from DC and worth a walk round the battlefield.

    Annapolis is OK and there are some great crab shacks across the bay, Cantlers comes to mind and there may well be a Blue Grass festival on, or just some old guys getting together.
  9. B_B, I can't advise on RV providers or campgrounds, but I did a very similar fly drive holiday some ten years ago with an old university buddy of mine (we got back to Blighty 48 hours before 9/11). From memory, our itinerary was as follows:

    Day 1 Arrive IAD, collect hire car, drive into DC stay at midtown hotel, go for dinner and a couple of beers in Georgetown

    Day 2 Explore DC in morning, drive to Philadelphia, stay in downtown hotel

    Day 3 Explore Philadelphia, drive to Annapolis, stay in B&B (run by ex-USAF guy previously based at RAF Chicksands)

    Day 4 Explore Annapolis, visit USNA (very interesting guided tour), stay in B&B again

    Day 5 Leave Annapolis, drive across water to Chespeake Peninsula, take Bellvue to Oxford ferry (good fun), spend afternoon in Cambridge, stay overnight in Salisbury

    Day 6 Explore Salisbury (morning), drive to Exmore (stay overnight in motel - go to tailgate party, tap off with two fat chicks (one each) and eat Maryland bearded clam (as alluded to in previous post)

    Day 7 Drive across Bay Bridge-Tunnel (awe-inspiring), spend afternoon and night in Virgina Beach, go swimming in sea, avoid fatal shark attack (seriously, young lad - Russian IIRC - killed by shark around that time)

    Day 8 Visit Norfolk (a bigger version of Pompey and Guzz) in morning, afternoon at (Colonial) Jamestown - kids will enjoy this, drive to Richmond, stay overnight

    Day 9 Explore Richmond (morning), visit Monticello (afternoon - thoroughly recommended), drive to Charlottesville (get drunk, get picked up by two female cops, get given lift back to motel)

    Day 10 Explore Charlottesville (home of UVA - my mucker had friends there), go to football game, get pleasantly pissed and go out with the two female cops - now off-duty ;-)

    Day 11 Leave Charlottesville (reluctantly), drive Skyline Drive (really, really good - loads of wildlife), visit Antietam (afternoon), drive to Hagerstown (stay overnight), go out with two college girls, you can guess the rest ;-)

    Day 12 Leave Hagerstown (move along there, nothing to see here), spend day at Gettysburg (first rate - also recommend visiting Eisenhower's farm, realy, really good), drive to Frederick, stay overnight (very nice)

    Day 13 Explore Frederick (morning), spend afternoon at Harpers Ferry (very interesting), drive to DC, stay in Crystal City hotel, night out in Georgetown

    Day 14 Day in DC - see sights (recommend Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials, Korea and Vietnam Memorials, Reflecting Pool and Washington Monument, White House and Capitol

    Day 15 Day in DC - National Air & Space Museum (outstanding)

    Day 16 Explore Arlington and Alexandria incluing USMC Memorial

    Day 17 Local sightseeing (Mount Vernon) and shopping (Crytsal City Mall)

    Day 18 Final morning in DC (Tidal Basin), fly home from IAD

    Hope that this helps,

  10. From the amount of tapping off going on during your hols, I'm going to have to leave the wife and kids behind!
  11. Fortunately, I hadn't (quite) got together with Mrs H_M 1st at that point!
  12. I wouldnt want to spend too much time in an RV in DC - High crime rate.

    Head South as fast as you can (Follow I95) down the east coast.

    Stop at Cafe Risque for a lap dance and a burger(cant remember if it is North or South Carolina but it is signposted off the interstate).

    Spend some quality time in Georgia - Savannah is lovely - Jekyl Island is beautiful. The best strip clubs in Savannah are across the big bridge (literally just as you come off the bridge on the other side of the river).

    If ever stuck for somewhere to stop overnight, find a Walmart and park up in their carpark. They are happy for RVs to stop overnight.

    Hooters is ALWAYS a good place to stop for lunch or dinner.

    And if you are on the I95, NEVER drop below the speed limit or you WILL have a Mack truck wedged up your arrse.
  13. My advice is to drive on the opposite side of the road as you do in the UK. They tend to drive on the wrong side of the road in the US for some reason.
  14. Personally, and I live in septicland, I would stay in hotels/motels living in close proximity in a plastic box .......... well it was bad enough for 6 months in an MK box body.

    You can get family friendly suite hotels that cost anywhere from 130 to 250 a night, thats with a living room 2 bedrooms and two bathrooms - more like a flat really, it what we always use. Homewood suites, embassy suites something like that.

    DC has a reputation of being crime ridden and a murder spot so in daylight around the tourist areas its fine - don't forget the museum in DC, where they did the night at the museum film.

    Philadelphia City is fine but not the sort of place you would go for a walk in the evening, nothing racist here but it is predominantly black folks and many of them are out of work added to the underlying black power muslim type movement up there - and high crime rate. The Franklin museum in Philly is ok, there are the steps Rocky/Stallone ran up and did his arms in the air thing which they have marked on the ground with brass feet, they also have the faux Rocky statue that was used in the film. The Liberty Bell is there, not an auspicous surrounding neighbourhood and if there are coach loads of Nip tourists it can take a while.............the square that the Bell building is in is where they filmed some of the assasination and ensuing chase scenes in the Mark Wahlberg film 'The Shooter' so its interesting to ping the specific locations. The cops in Philly City are friendly'ish don't expect to find anywhere to eat in the city centre other than hotels.

    Around Philly; my fave is Valley Forge where the American army was created by a boxhead (Baron von Steuben) to fight the British there is also a museum there and George Washingtons house is nearby. Way back then the septics had nothing, they'd just had their arse kicked by the redcoats and many of the citizen soldiers had no clothes or food and spent a winter training and living in survival conditions.........when I first went there was snow on the ground and I was wearing comfy kit, I went off and sat in one of the reproduction shelter huts they have built there and I tell you, they were hard men and deserved to win. There is also the Brandywine battlefied.

    Delaware; unless you are a movie star or a bank seeking favourable tax breaks I would'nt bother. The only attractive thing about Delaware is the road out and the fact that there is no VAT.

    Annapolis I have been told is nice and is on my list of places to visit.


    If you go for the hotel option CarHire3000 do about the best car hire deals I have found.