USA LE Memorial Website


I'm going to post a link to a website that is a Memorial to USA LE Officers killed in the line of duty in the USA. One can look up individual Officers by their department or name.

The nice part of this site for Family members, friends, colleagues and the even community, can update data on the incident, leave comments and/or reflections on that officer's individual page. (Posts by individuals are reviewed before they appear on the page.)

They seem to be right up to date, as the have the officer from my old department, there already. (Deputy Cox, King County Sheriff's Department killed in the line of duty 02 December '06.)

I posted here, because of the discussion on the latest NYPD shooting. IMHO, this is just another way for people outside the USA to see the price LE officers pay for servoce to the community, etc. As well as find out more about the incident and the officer who was killed.


Deputy Cox's page.:

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