USA and their Medals.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by PM-88, Oct 2, 2007.

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  1. Found an interesting, yet quite worrying article, of how the US are giving bravery medals out for the fun of it. Some soldiers probably deserve them, but 13,000 Bronze Star Medals? I mean, come on...

    Any views on the topic?

  2. The Bronze Star is not awarded solely for bravery, but also for meritorious service. A Bronze Star for bravery is denoted by a brass 'V' on the ribbon. The rules for the award of the BSM changed some time ago.

    The article is correct though. Each service has its own criteria for awards, the Marines having the most difficult standards. What is significant is that it is now possible to win a DFC for flying a I can understand why the old and bold are getting the hump.
  3. US business I reckon. I've seen Yanks aged about twenty with more medal ribbons than Lord Mountbatten.
  4. IIRC the Congressional Medal of Honour is more rarely given out than the VC?

  5. You are shitting me???

    What danger or bravery can be demonstrated sat in an ISO container hundreds of miles away from anything even remotely dodgy or harmful??

    The bravest decision that the operator has to make is 'decaf or latte'. Unbefuckingleivable.
  6. Not so.

    VC Total awarded 1,356
    CMoH Total awarded 3,463
  7. A friend of a friend has just returned from a sand pit with the spams, they got 5 medals for the tour, with 1 more pending!
  8. Do numbers count though, given the vast disparity in population and army sizes between us and the US? Would percentage given out be a more accurate way of showing which is rarer?

  9. Your just as dead regardless how big your army is!

    You could go into finite amounts of comparisons offsetting campaigns, time spent earing award etc, etc. I'm not sure it really matters too much. Both awards are the highest military decoration of each country and are justly awarded for utter bravery and no amounts of being a tad barking mad.
  10. I admit to not knowing the actual totals when posting, and yes it is more common maybe than the VC, but given the size of the US forces, it seems there are fewer % awards given out.

    But then there are lies, damned lies, and statistics.

    Either way recipients of both medals must command the highest respect.
  11. Standby the link is rubbish, will try again.
  12. There it is..
  13. I recall as a young private walking through the halls at the Armor Center at Ft Knox where they had plaques of all CMoH, every single one, save one or two, was "posthumous" and there were literally hundreds of plaques.

    Bronze star and bronze star with valor are two totally different medals. I often equated Bronze star in wartime to ARCOM in peacetime.