US wont rule out military incursion into Pakistan: Townsend

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by GuyT, Jul 23, 2007.

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  1. "US won't rule out military incursion into Pakistan: Townsend"

    Article starts:
    "WASHINGTON (AFP) - The top White House counterterrorism official on Sunday refused to rule out a US military incursion into Pakistan's remote border with Afghanistan to eradicate a resurgent Al-Qaeda militant network...."

    A very real possibility perhaps?

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  2. By military incursion do they mean bomb the hell out of? could be an inprovement!
  3. Is their any guarantee their int will be better that side of the border? NATO's already owned up to an atrocious level of civ casualties on Afghanistan, exporting the same into the tribal areas of Pakistan won't make things any better.
  4. So no ones spotted the oddity yet?
    Doesn't anyone find it strange that Fran Townsend (former coast guards officer) a Department of Homeland Security spokesperson is making statements with regards American foreign policy that has military implications?
    Is she being used to override the relevant established depts. whose concern these matters would normally be, or am I just being a fuddy duddy stickler for the protocols???
  5. And where I'm i going to get my local shopping if we start a war with Pakistan?..........This is getting silly!

    So anyone who "looks oddly" at the US gets a visit from Sammy Stealth and his mates?
  6. Having thought about it, I reckon it's more related to recent events inside Pakistan. After crushing the Islamists in the Red Mosque, Musharraf needs to hold out an olive branch to the more radical Imams to try and push the worst of the trouble back into the tribal areas.

    I suspect this is just a none-too-subtle hint that he'd better not accommodate them too much, or Uncle Sam'll get angry.