US will accept Israel settlements

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Mar 26, 2005.

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    Stand by , stand by. 8O

    You know , sometimes the US administration should just learn when STFU.

    They are negotiating, they are round a table, and Israels biggest ally has just effectively said 'Give the Pals fcuk all' .

    There was absolutely no need at all to comment on this issue, prior to deeper negotiations. The Palestinians are fully aware they won't get back all they want, but this statement will lead others to believe they will get even less.

    I'm sorry, but is someone actually trying to start sh*t?

    This in , 30 minutes ago on Al-jaz (Godless Arab commies)


    So what is going on?
  2. The Jordan question is behind all the Mid East Sh1t.
    We f-ed up when we founded Israel, the homeland for the Jews without consultations with the Arab, not that I have much time for Arabs.
  3. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Now I might be a bit slow but isn’t saying that all Jews must leave Palestinian territory sanctioned ethnic cleansing? Why is it not acceptable any where else – Bosnia etc. But entirely acceptable in the ME?
  4. Give with one hand, take with another
  5. Ethnic cleansing!
    Very emotive language.
    Sort of talk that will just perpetuate the ongoing 'troubles'.
    Did anyone say the Jews must leave Arab lands?
    The West Bank has never been recognized by anyother nation as part of Israel.
    Did not the Jew and the Arab live alongside each other for many a year ?
    PS Right of Conquest ? but then thats another debate.
  6. And if we are going to get into ethnic cleansing, what happened to all the pallys that used to have homes and businesses there?
  7. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    PtP twisting the point like a good politician always should. Answering the question with a question to divert attention, standard practice, it’s even in Yes Minister. Why not answer the original question? Why is ethnic cleansing not OK in FRY but OK in the ME?

    Just because one side does it it does not by default then excuse the other side doing it. To say it is OK for the Palestinians to do stuff because the Israelis did something in the past is the very reason why things don't move on. By your reasoning that makes suicide bombers OK too? No thought not so don’t talk tripe.
  8. Question-What is a PALESTINIAN
    Answer-A JORDANIAN without a passport
  9. 100 years ago Britian was No.1 in the world. (ish)
    Largest Navy and an Empire the sun never sets on. Not bad for a very tiny Island people.
    Two World Wars on, the decisions taken in that era still haunt.
    We made Iraqi, and set the ground for the current Mid East pile of Poo.
    The grandchildren have inherited, what sh1t will todays generation of politician leave for our grandchildren ?
  10. Bollox Jon. :wink:

    If you're going to go back in history to approportion blame, then why just pick a point a century ago? A thousand different events over 2000 years and longer have led to the present can of worms in Israel and ME. If the Turks had never made the place part of their empire, then we'd never have inherited it after WW1 for one thing, so why not start delving into Turkish history to find someone to blame there too? The Ottomans occupied what is now Israel and Iraq for 400 years for chrissake, and yet how often does Istanbul get blamed for today's mess? If Adolf hadn't been so beastly to the Jews, the world (note, the world, not Britain) wouldn't have felt obliged to support their calls for a homeland, so why not start looking at German history for a scapegoat?

    British rule in Iraq lasted for a mere 30 years, again a result of WW1 and taking over the Ottoman empire. In the thousand years prior to that, the Greeks, the Arabs, the Turks, the Dutch, the Portugese and even the Mongols had a go and all of them lasted longer and had more of an influence than the British. These are just a few of the nations that have a hand in what's happening today, but you can bet your bottom dollar that most countries in that corner of the world have also had an input , but hey, let's blame the British.

    Blaming the British empire for todays ills has always been part of the leftist mantra. Happily, it shows that their grasp of history is as sound as their politics.
  11. Bollaxs, uhm would have prefered testicals.
    I think your the first person ever to accuse me of Leftist sympathis.
    Jew and Arab lived together for centuries.
    I still say That Britian and it's policies of a hyndred years ago, have much to do with the situation that exsists today both Iraqi and Palastine.
    The Navy needed a steady safe source of oil so we created Iraqi and Balflour bumped his gums and out came Israel.
    If you have a problem in life don't run away from the issue and becum a phlosifer on Booze stay stone cold sober and deal with the problem, smart and trendy may immpress sum but me, No.
    Nice to hear from you tho
  12. Okaaaay.......looking for relevance here...

  13. It's possible that the initial statement was intended to see what reaction would be to such a suggestion, whilst keeping something along the lines of plausible deniability

    Say you want to introduce a proposal into negotiations, but it's a bit on the outrageous side and could concievably derail the whole shebang - how do you get it into the debate? One possibility is to do what's been done here - let the proposal go public via the press and watch the reaction. If it's favourable, then you know it should be safe to bring it up during formal negotiations. If not, then you can point out that it was never 'on the table' and was just some wog shooting his mouth off.

    Or have I been watching too much Yes, Minister?
  14. Fcuking right ya have Sir Humphry.
    Excelent series have the whole Yes Minister on DVD.