US 'wasted $30bn on contracts'



BBC News - US 'wasted $30bn on Afghanistan and Iraq' over decade

Among the examples cited were a $40m prison for Iraq that the country did not want and was never completed.

US-funded projects in those two countries also risk going to waste because host governments are unable or unwilling to sustain them.

In one case, $300m was poured into a sophisticated power plant in Kabul which the Afghan government will not be able to run, and a programme worth $11.4bn of facilities for the Afghan National security forces is likely to be unsustainable.
I don't find it all that hard to believe, they're( the Americans) are throwing money into the KMTC, buildings are going up all over the place, FOBs, and Trade Schools are being built out in the training area along with more Ranges, Gun Parks, re siting of Ammo Compounds and's scary to see and then you have to wonder how the Afghans will be able to maitain it all once we're away.
At least that way, some money gets where it needs to be. Much prefer it to our method of not throwing money at it without actual thought.
I was hoping the new government would actually sort that out, but I think Cameron is similar to Blair in that he appears to have his own agenda.

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