US warns UN against Iraq delay

The US National Security Adviser, Condoleezza Rice, has warned the United Nations against allowing Iraq more time to disarm.
Speaking on NBC television's Meet the Press programme, Ms Rice said the world must keep up the pressure on Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

Or else what Condeleeza?

Jes*s what an evil b1tch


The US don't merely want disarmament, they want Regime change.  Now whilst I'm sure all will agree that Saddam is a thoroughly disagreeable chap, I don't think we'll be seeing a McDonalds in Baghdad anytime soon.


Like I said before, when the Yanks rid Iraq of Saddam, who's next? N Korea, Yemen, Zimbabwe, Lybia, Algeria or even the Canary Island. I am all for nailling the 70 Porn star up but please think past the regime change in Iraq as there are plenty of other "Iraq's" waiting in the wings!
I think they gave the game away, when they blathered on about how they'd look after the oil, and hold it in trust, Yadda x 3......

.....before they even mentioned the huge humanitarian mission in rebuilding Post war Iraq.


There are benefits for the US in the upcuming war, I doubt it is the prime motivation as so many people are suggesting.

Things like oil are oppertunity for the already anti-american brigade to come out of the woodwork again.

France seem to be the ones over concerned with there own economics, do you think there causing this much $hit for 'moral' reasons? R they ****.

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