US Warns UK over Cluster Bomb Treaty


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Christ almighty. If Brown signs that, he has as good as said any British Soldier calling in an air strike from the septics may well be prosecuted.

Does this Scottish muppet not have a clue about maintinence morale? Does he not realize that it is only the unequalled morale of the British forces that keeps them doing the job with feck all in the way of government support?

Feckwit of the first order.
The Russians and the Chinese will not sign this treaty - neither will the Americans. The entire process is being driven by well-meaning people and as usual Tommy Atkins will end up in the sh1t. This is pure gesture politics, driven by the Swedes and a coalition of NGO's . The Germans will not get rid of their cluster munitions totally - they need to keep them for training purposes.

Our BL 755's are so old they joined the RAF before many of its middle ranking air staff and we need new Sensor Fuzed Munitions.

Oh and the disposal lines for cluster munitions in Europe are chock a block for the next three years so there is no quick and easy method of getting rid of them.
hmm, and once they peaceniks have banned cluster munitions, they will move on to something else, then something else, then something else..... until we are losing lots of soldiers because they cannot defend themselves, or the country is over-run for the same reason.

Someone should just tell them, "look we will do our best to minimise innocent casualtiies - but we need to be able the defend our interests, sometimes that includes killing people, get over it." ----- pause for dramatic effect ---- "Now &%$£ OFF!"

There will always be 'bad people' in the world so we will always need a way to stop them doing bad things. - deal with it!

“We don’t want to leave our troops exposed”. But he admitted: “We’re quite clear that we want to sign the treaty. That’s the bottom line.” -------- I wonder, which sentiment will take priority? And what happens to someone who tries to sit in between two chairs?

Anyway, look on the bright side: it will open a whole new feeding field for the lawyers.
... When Britain signed up to the International Criminal Court, Labour passed war crimes legislation in the UK, which was then used to prosecute frontline soldiers in Iraq, to the fury of many in the military. ...
Untrue, surely. There have actually been very few prosecutions of British soldiers over actions in Iraq, and I can't think of any of those allegations which would not always have been criminal under British military law.

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