US war crimes immunity bid fails


The US has given up trying to get its soldiers immunity from prosecution at the new International Criminal Court.
It has withdrawn its attempt to have its exemption renewed by the United Nations Security Council, because it failed to gain enough support.

The US won special status for the last two years, arguing its troops could be subject to malicious prosecution.

But UN Secretary General Kofi Annan said it should not be renewed, partly because of the prisoner abuse scandal.

"The United States has decided not to proceed further with consideration and action on the draft at this time in order to avoid a prolonged and divisive debate," said the US Ambassador to the UN James Cunningham.

"We are dropping action on this resolution."
Oh, this should get interesting real fast. Wonder what the view is over the pond?
It would seem the floodgates are open, do we know if those accused of crimes before the immunity ends will liable for prosecution?

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