US wants Britain to lead surge in southern Iraq

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by parapauk, Mar 23, 2008.

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  1. Why should we. We've done our job, time to go home. (or in our case Afghan).

  2. Obviously a different meaning to the word wise that I use
  3. Errr no we didn't. We entered Basra and Policed it well. By the time we left it was home to some of the most intense contacts the British Army has seen for years.

    Not the fault of the troops on the ground by any shakes. It was the fault of our spineless government who decided to keep the public happy by reducing numbers and funding and making no efforts to rebuild Southern Iraq, and as if that wasn't bad enough they decided it was a fair cop to stir up the hornets nest in southern Afghanistan!

    Personally I'm glad we're out of there. That place isn't worth the rubber off a Warrior track. But we definately didn't finish the job!

    We (The forces not government) could have though!
  4. Closet Jibber,Totally agree.A good post.
  5. I thought we were only in Basra till the local security forces were capable of taking over, which they have done.
  6. Is there a connection between the number of people defaulting on morgages in the US and the level of US comitment in Iraq
    and as the paper said....

    "We do not have enough troops for a surge ourselves. The hope is that we can train enough Iraqi army recruits in the next year to cope with the inter-tribal warfare going on in Basra," one source quoted by the paper said.

    As we trained the present enemy, 15 years ago, it is only fair that we should train the present friends to the same standard,
    .....The mind boggles...
  7. True enough mate. The 'insurgents in Police uniforms' (I always loved that Div buzz word) are keeping the streets nice and safe. Not. God bless No 10 eh..?
    Besides, the USMC are kicking their heels big time in Anbar, they need some new playthings.
    Be nice to see the OMS go up in smoke.... :twisted: amongst other key ratholes.
  8. But if we go back into Basra and the like with the USMC and start mixing things up, do we have the man power to increase the number of troops out there (i know we've been offered some USMC) to meet the increased threat?

    We can't draw down troops in Helmand and we have very few troops in the UK that haven't either just got back or are preparing to go away again.

    IMO why not get the Iraqi Army up to speed and have an Iraqi solution to an Iraqi problem?
  9. theres the acf though human rights might be a problem
    (not so much fielding child soldiers more what they'd do to anyone they caught :twisted: ) lord of flies meets the hostel generation :twisted:
  10. But what about the cost in ammunition and fuel???

    Gordon won't be happy.
  11. Nice idea, but what with?
  12. Probably from the same place they are getting the 600 sending to Stan Brewmeister.
    "They march on paper"

    Additional though, US casualties have just passed the 4000 mark.

    US death toll hits 4000
  13. Parapuk wrote: 'Given the progress in Anbar'

    Whilst the USMC should be given a small portion of the credit for the progress made in Al-Anbar, actually the vast majority of the credit should go to the Anbar Awakening council and the local 'neighbourhood watch' schemes that the locals have put in place. It is their VCPs that are really strangling AIF forces.
  14. Always been my understanding that the 'Awakening Council' or 'Concerned Local Citizens (CLC's)' elsewhere was the birthchild of the USMC (a colonel?) and if so they should get full credit.
    In reality a huge bribe to former insurgents that priced AQIZ out of the market. Worked though! :D