US Walt caught

As a US lurker on your site I thought all of you might like read about a US Walt (currently in Jail/Gaol). Story is from Boston Globe. Barnstable, by the way in on Cape Cod.

Police: Claiming to be a wounded Iraq vet, man runs $4,000 bar tab

By Andrew Ryan, Globe Staff

Christopher Lee Proe came to Pufferbellies nightclub in Barnstable with a taste for expensive champagne and no shortage of stories: He was an Army lieutenant fresh from a tour in Iraq who survived being shot by a .22-caliber gun. He was a Detroit police officer on leave from the National Guard.

After a few weeks of spending cash on pricey drinks, Proe, 23, was on a first -name basis with the staff at Pufferbellies, which prides itself on being friendly to the armed services, waiveing the cover charge for patrons with military IDs, said Mike Travers, the nightclub's general manager. So when Proe wanted to rent out a VIP room to celebrate his homecoming with his Army buddies and police friends, Pufferbellies allowed him to pay with an out-of-town check, according to a Barnstable police report. Over five days in August, Proe ordered $300 bottles of Dom Perignon and Cristal and paid each time with a check, racking up a tab that topped $4,000.

The checks all bounced, police said.

Proe never served in the military. Never went to Iraq. And isn't a Detroit police officer. Proe is an unregistered sex offender from Indiana wanted on charges in two other states.

"We treated this guy like he was a war hero," Travers said today by phone, recalling that Proe even showed him what he claimed was a Detroit police badge. "For somebody to have that much gall, to go that far with something for a few nights of partying, it's hard for me to understand."

Proe is scheduled to be arraigned today in Barnstable District Court on five counts of larceny over $250. He is also charged as a fugitive from justice for failing to register as a sex offender in Indiana, where he was convicted in 2001 of sexual misconduct with a minor. There are also outstanding warrants for Proe's arrest in Virginia and Ohio, where he is accused of violating a court order by impersonating a police officer.

When word spread in Barnstable that Proe had been arrested over the weekend, a father came to the police department with a picture of his son. His son was lying in a hospital bed after he had been injured by a roadside bomb in Iraq, according to Sergeant Sean Sweeney of the Barnstable Police Department.

"The father came in and said, 'I want this guy to know that this is what a vet is,'" Sweeney said. "A real vet."
Posted by the Boston Globe City & Region Desk at 12:08 PM
i hope that there is some bloody big yank ex drill sgt who is employed in the nick just waiting to meet him..
Can we do the same for walts here?

I nominate the fat bastard in Livingston who walted at the Falklands parade in Edinburgh as the first case to be tried
Rather strange behaviour for someone already wanted. Still, there's nowt so queer as folk - especially Septic folk.
At least, our American friend, you have a judicial system that is a lot tougher than ours. In this country he would have an army of 'do-gooders'
pleading for him and his poor upbringing and that it was not his fault, but our society was to blame.
(Result UK style?. Released from court and go straight to the welfare office to 'rape' the honest, decent working folks of the UK. That is UK Justice.)

(PS: Do I sound bitter and twisted?)
The spam should be made to walk barefoot through the streets of Barnstable then have electrodes attached to his genitles. After shock therapy, he should be flogged senseless with a knotted rope and thrown to several undersexed horny canines.
frog said:
Highflight said:

(PS: Do I sound bitter and twisted?)
not to me, you namby pamby you....

I must be a 'namby pamby' as I only support hanging and flogging. I must be getting 'liberal' in my old age. (New Labour does brainwash).

As an idea, if this guy wants to be a 'vet' why not put him on a 'plane and send him to patrol the streets of Baghdad or the wilds of Afghanistan?. I think he may choose a nice comfy cell plus 3 x meals a day, or, if he was in the UK, a big handout at the welfare office and a free flat.

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