US vs UK politics

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Jungelism, Mar 18, 2010.

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  1. Just an observation at the height of my hangover;

    Comparing the Presidencies and Prime Ministerships of the last 15 years, would it be beyond reason to say that the UK elects a PM reflecting the character of the previous US administration?

    Bear with me....

    Clinton during the 1990s was all for humanitarian intervention, polling on every single detail of foreign and domestic affairs and generally fighting each day like an election, with a heavy emphasis on the media (disregarding sex scandals). Sounds like our Tony, who comes along five years after Clinton is first elected.

    Bush was elected (under dubious circumstances, for all you conspiracy theorists) and became a bit of a domestic disaster, focussing the majority of his time on foreign affairs and spending, spending, spending his way into a historic budget deficit. Brown since his (dubious) inauguration has focussed policies on the EU and we too are feeling the effects of a historic budget deficit.

    Therefore, will Cameron prove to be the 'anything but Bush' Obama for Britain? Promises of a significant change but in reality, little substance in the style...discuss.
  2. Good luck with your hangover :)

    I see what you're getting at, but my jury is out on it. I think its more personal, and more reflective of the times as opposed to 'who have the yanks elected'.

    The 90's were very PC and tree huggy times. I think that was reflected in the govts/administrations chosen both sides of the Atlantic. Plus there is the 'its time for a change' factor. Also, given the two political systems are so different I don't think the voters of either country bother too much as tho whom the other picks. Having said that, Clinton was very charasmatic and so was Blair, before they both had major malfunctions.

    Talking of has beens, John Howard is looking for a home :D Do you want him? :lol: He's Aussie, but well house-trained :p
  3. I've always liked Bill Bryson's quote about John Howard:
    "... John Howard is by far the dullest man in Australia. Imagine a very committed funeral home director - someone whose burning ambition from the age of eleven was to be a funeral home director, whose proudest achievement in adulthood was to be elected president of the Queanbeyan and District Funeral Home Directors association - then halve his personality and halve it again, and you have pretty well got John Howard ..."
  4. Superb :lol:
    That quote has made my week, thank you :D