US vs Turkey war by proxy?

CNN is reporting that the Turks may lock their air and ground to US forces headed to Iraq.

U.S. military planners quietly have stepped up a review of alternatives in case the Turkish government restricts U.S. access to Turkish airspace or cuts off access to the air base at Incirlik, Turkey, CNN has learned.

The Christian Science Monitor (one of the more reliable newspapers around here in the opinion of many) reported earlier today:

"When you go there, you will not only be facing the PKK. You don't know what the peshmerga [Iraqi Kurdish militias] will do; you don't know how the Americans will contribute to the peshmerga or PKK behind the scenes," says Mr. Demir. "These are real concerns in the Turkish capital."
Also tough words from a Turkish general:

President Bush appointed retired Gen. Joseph Ralston, a former NATO supreme allied commander, to be his envoy to counter the PKK. But his mission has been fraught with frustration and his resignation was confirmed this week.

General Ralston's Turkish counterpart was fired several months ago after making comments critical of the US, and in tough words published this week, he said anyone who did not help Turkey fight terror was also guilty.

How likely is the idea of two NATO allies going against each other directly or by proxy?
Hello Devil_Dog,

I think they have both got far too much to lose.

tangosix said:
Hello Devil_Dog,

I think they have both got far too much to lose.


Hi Tango.

How so?

In a proxy war, the US doesn't have to confront the Turks directly but still manages to keep them out of Kurdistan Iraq and hence from messing up the only bright spot in the Iraq war.

For the Turks, an incursion against the Kurds in N. Iraq stops their nationalistic ambitions and maintains the territorial integrity of Turkey.

With Iran shelling the Kurds on their northwestern border and the Turks bearing down upon them from the West, seems to me the Kurds are fecked. Unless the US intervenes directly.

I think they are all crazy.

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