US Vets protest and throw their medals away during NATO summit.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FishSticks, May 21, 2012.

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  1. Had a quick look and noticed it had not been posted yet.

    War Veterans Protest, Throw Medals Away During NATO Chicago Summit! - YouTube

    A load of US ex-servicemen (and women) threw their medals away during a NATO summit held in Chicago. They disagree with the way Iraq and Afghanistan played out, and many feel shameful for what they took part in.

    One man says "Instead of freeing the people, I was liberating their oil fields"

    What do you chaps think of this?
  2. There's going to be a stampede of Cold War Warriors rushing to pick them up.
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  3. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    It's taken them till now to twig Iraq was all about oil?
    It was always about the oil.
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  4. Oil? Damn, I feel so used............
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  5. Fucks sake. Can you shift across a bit mate, cheers.
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  6. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Says the man who led the first foot patrol around Baghdad ;-)

    ...what part of this didn't they get ?

    My only regret is missing the photo op with Nell McAndrew before she sprogged.

    ( gee thanks Tony...forever in your debt..when are Captain and Mrs Holt starting the battlefield tour?)

  7. If we said it was 'Baby Oil' would it make you feel better?
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  8. Whast's wrong with it being about oil, anyway? We need oil.
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  9. Shouldn't think too much ....remember your drills, look after your mates, get him before he gets you, and come home safe.....about it really.
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  10. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Iraq was only about oil in as much as having oil was what made Sadam Hussein dangerous. If it was only about acquiring or controlling the oil it would have been done differently. There's no oil in Afghanistan.
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  11. Well I see his point, what were we thinking?

    You free people and the buggers just run about looting before torturing each other to death with power tools over doctrinal differences. Which leaves you with no option but to liberally brass the place up for a decade trying to restore order, .50 BMG link isn't cheap you know. Then you are booted you out of the country without so much as a thank you for your service. It's political correctness gone mad so it is.

    Hydrocarbons on the other hand are as every Christian knows God's good bounty. Exxon Mobil didn't think going to Baghdad was a great idea in the first place and has ended up with so little of Iraq's you really have wonder what idiot did the ROI calculation. Baghdad was even giving the KRG gyp about Zagros fold belt region deal last I looked. Dammit, for a far smaller investment we basically own Nigeria for this price we could have annexed Canada. As a concerned shareholder I'm horribly vexed.

    Protest! If I see that "oilman" Dick Chaney I'll kick him in the shins.
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  12. Ah, but Goatman, you may also remember my mentioing the Chinese parliament we had before the off, in which we asked if we were actually going to follow the orders and the only reply in defence that could be mustered was "well, the AG says its legal and has written to CDS to say so". Mind you, it gave me a chance to see a little more of the world..... and that was nice.
  13. It wasn't about oil, nor was it about WMDs, terrorism or self-defence.

    For a flavour of what it was really about, have a read of this:

    Project for the New American Century - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The childish idea was:
    (a) democracies don't fight each other.
    (b) people prefer democracy to tyrrany/communism/fascism etc.
    (c) if countries aren't democratic, then it's because 'baddies' are preventing it.
    (d) if the 'baddies' are got rid of then the people will immediately set up a stable democracy.
    (e) this will catch on and everybody will want to liberate themselves or be liberated.
    (f) all hail the new era of peace, freedom, apple pie etc. Iran's people will overthrow their leaders and be a democracy too, then Syria, Saudi etc. They will all make peace with Israel and everybody in the Middle East will live happily ever after.

    The only flaw in the plan was that it was complete ballocks from start to finish.
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  14. True, but Afghanistan does have a rather comprehensive list of mineral deposits and, I seem to recall, the possibility of Uranium(?)
  15. They cut the last bit from that video