US Vet Awarded $3.7M Over Poor PTSD Treatment.

So how come the thousands of other British Veterans diagnosed with the same PTSD illnesses don't get the same level of justice ?
What's the UK civilian rate of damages awarded in PTSD cases?

You can bet your bottom dollar that it's a great deal more than what our Armed Forces get.
**** off air filter.

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vampireuk: You are the UK Armed Forces minister and i claim my War disablement pension. :)
You would have actually had to have served first.

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It's not just PTSD that is poorly compensated. The law was changed some years ago as a result of the numbers of ex-military claiming for hearing problems. As a result of this change should SPVA award you a % disability below 20% off the back of a basic military audiology test (which are so outdated compared to what the NHS provides) you can challenge it with more accurate audiology tests but a tribunal does not have the power to overturn the decision!

My advice, if you think your hearing is damaged as a result of service, insist on being referred to an NHS audiology department and keep a copy of the results.

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