US Usage of No 4 Mk 1 SMLE?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Crash, Apr 22, 2013.

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  1. When I was a cadet in the 1970s, we drilled with No 4 Mk 1 Lee Enfield rifles, that had 'US Government Property' stamped on the receivers. Unfrotunately I was not savvy enough to see where they were manufactured - but perhaps they had been produced in the US under 'Lend-Lease' arrangements? Are rifles such marked a rarity?
  2. Yup & Nope. In fact, in decent nick they might even be more common than "home" manufactured ones.
  3. Did the US perhaps use them like we used their M1 know.......for murdering p.o.w.s and civvys?
  4. Savage made about one million No4 Mk1s and No4 Mk1*s.

    They were marked "US Property" as they purported to be Lend Lease items - in fact they were 100% Crown owned and paid for.

    After WW2, Savage and Long Branch No4 Mk1* rifles were given away in vast numbers to Commonwealth countries and as military aid to other countries (eg most european countries, French and Dutch colonies in the Far East).
  5. I have a 1941 Savage No4 Mk1 (not 1*) in mint inissued condition, FTR in Fazakerley 1943. It shoots badly TBH, my hotchpotch K98 from 1937 to 45 bitza shoots better.

    OP your title, [pedentic mode] there is no such thing as a No.4 Mk1 SMLE. [/pedentic mode]
  6. An average No4 should easily outshoot any K98.

    Check the forend fit:

    - barrel should be free to move up within the forend and handgaurds, and should have down pressure of 3-7 lbs at the muzzle;
    - draws should be a firm fit at the rear;
    - should be a gap between the foresight protector and the front hand gaurd, so that the barrel is not fouled when it moves;
    - etc.

    - and try to find some flat base bullets - boat tails often don't stabilise in a 2 groove barrel, if thats what your Savage has.
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  7. Thanks for the information. I can finally sleep easily tonight!