US troops trial camouflage patterns for Afghan theatre

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by fantassin, Sep 23, 2009.

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  1. US troops trial camouflage patterns for Afghan theatre

    By Daniel Wasserbly

    21 September 2009

    The US Army announced on 16 September that it is sending two new camouflage patterns to Afghanistan for soldiers to wear in trials that are a preliminary step in exploring alternative uniform patterns.

    By the end of September one battalion in theatre will be outfitted with uniforms in the MultiCam pattern and another battalion will be given a slightly redesigned version of the current digital Universal Camouflage Pattern (UCP), called UCP-Delta.

    Colonel William Cole, project manager for soldier protection and individual equipment, told reporters that both battalions are receiving the new uniform patterns in addition to their current gear so that commanders can choose to employ whichever works best for a particular mission.

    However, one of the problems with providing camouflage patterns for an environment like Afghanistan is that a patrol might move through a lush green valley in the morning but be hiking across arid mountains in the afternoon.

    This first test phase is intended to glean information that will lead to further evaluation of other patterns, as well as to ultimately review the service's camouflage plans and whether they should include one universal pattern or environment-specific ones.

    Nothing new to see the MC on SOF units since "them" have been using it for years but we are now talking about the "green army".
  2. :D

    I have often thought the same myself as far as DPM is concerned. We discussed it at length on another thread.
  3. Have mentioned this myself recently, the Afghans have been wrapping themselves in their dust-coloured cloaks, lying down amongst the rocks, and disappearing from view for centuries. ISTR that Scots tribesmen used the same method with their plaids. How hard can it be?
  4. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs


    The first one in AFG - where they started covering their scarlet with khaki (mud to you) to avoid getting the 'ten rupee jezail' treatment.

    Looking at other threads there are posts from guys with the dust of south asia in their turnups who genuinely worry that they can blend into either dust or vegetation out there, but that if they dress for one, they are sore thumbs in the other.

    I'd say that if they are worrying it's the voice of a "customer" with a real need , and they shouldn't be sniped at online by REMFs sitting the comfort of an office somewhere, for wanting better kit. :roll:

    If cap fits, wear it.
  5. [​IMG]

    The UCP Delta camouflage.
  6. seems to be heading back to what they had between the old woodland and the newer UCP!
  7. Looks quite similar to the German style.
  8. Yehah, very flectarn looking.

    Always amazed at how scruffy the US army looks, in not matter what camo pattern, cos they have that unsightly over hang, untucked shirt look going on!! Looks awful.
  9. Looks South African.
  10. But it facilitates buggery.
  11. Don't laugh too much at the yanks on this occasion. I saw our new Peacock cam last week and we will look like some Italian TA SF etc. It's coming.....AFG Apr 10 and the rest Apr 11, FAD doesn't seem such a bad idea after all.
  12. an interesting take on that :wink:
  13. It's nicknamed "birdshit" isn't it?
  14. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    If you mean "pre-Gulf War 1" - there wasn't one.

    UK Plc quit the desert after withdrawal from "East of Suez" under Ole LieBore.

    Right up 'til Saddam kicked the Kuwaiti door in, nobody anticipated returning to those climes, believe me. Not even a hint of KD was left in the QM's from the 1970's onwards. Everything was green/brown/black.

    The GW1 desert cam was a very, very quick fix involving part of the printing process for bog-standard-temperate DPM, but using sandy shades, and leaving out the black.