US troops told 'tread softly'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Aug 8, 2003.

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  2. Can't see what the problem is here.

    It would appear that it's OK to store Guns & explosives intended for use against the SPAMS, but it's not OK for the SPAMS to pre-empt that move and slot the f*ckers when they catch them? Why were they storing explosives in the first place.....going camel hunting this Sunday were we lads? Bollox. Well done the SPAMS. The Iraqis can't have it all their own way and it's about time they realised this. Hopefully it'll send the meassage out to any other Abdul who harbours a grudge. Besides, I don't see why any of us here should give a monkeys...........we'd have done the same to the Provos in the early days, given half the chance.

    Bollox to world opinion, the SPAMS are damned if they do and damned of they don't. The Iraqis would be in total chaos if the SPAMS pulled out, which would spread rapidly throughout the Middle East.

    They need America more than America needs them......and they f*cking well know it too!

    Whinging ba*tards. Can't wait until they build the first 'Burger King' in Baghdad.
  3. im not a SPAM fan but i do get the impression off the iraqi that they are biting the hands that is feeding them , just like Somalia we left to it afterward they are now in a deeper shit than ever