US troops to get all-over body armour

all over body armour...sounds a great idea
Big Problem though...will you be able to move...get a fresh mag easily...and be able to work effectively.........i wonder!!!
What ever is needed to protect the troops and stop the loss of life and limb is a great idea, and in this day of aid going left right and centre to any one, money should be spent on protecting those up front facing the danger of en fire and IEDs etc.... but appart from the weight, what about the heat ... would the troops get over heated wearing it especially in the desert? The yanks tried a 2 piece body armour (jacket and trousers) for their crew chiefs and helicopter door gunners in Viet Nam, but it was mostly binned as they found it was too cumbersome and they got way too hot even basically sitting down most of the time...


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Devilishdave said:
£1500 is a small price to pay

Tell that to Grasping Gordon, he has other ideas.
Teehee and Gearup are right. There is no way you could wear that in an Iraqi summer on foot patrol, or even in a vehicle that didn't have aircon. Temperatures reached 50-60 degrees C when I was there.
The extra weight would also be a problem. Ten tears ago in the Balkans, I remember how the Germans in particular had much heavier CBA than us. In the case of the Germans, it extended almost to mid-thigh to cover the groin, etc., and had a huge collar to protect the neck, similar to our EOD stuff. They used to sweat like a bunch of paedophiles in a prison riot just from walking around in it, and the consequent loss of mobility made them, in my opinion, more vulnerable.


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Aye Snitcha, it was ridiculous kit.
If it's the same CBA I remember them having, there was only a hard plate in the front !
in a ideal world , if a cooler or heater was fitted it then it may be a great peice of kit in any climate.
weight issue ? surely there ways of making it lighter, such as multi layering of materials, like plywood style ?
There was an article I saw in the Army Times about some experimental armor for the machine gunners on vehicles in convoys. It had quick release buckles to let the wearer remove it quickly if he or she were required to dismount the vehicle. One of the nice things about it was that it had some sort of cooling, or at least some sort of system to aloow air to move. Basically an air pump that sent cool(er) air through channels into the suit.
Some of the modern materials for offering ballistic are incredibly lightweight. I remember seeing a few years ago an experimental material which was basically layer upon layer of titanium chainmail interspersed with thin sheets of kevlar fibre running in different directions. The size of the titanium weave got progressively smaller as you got closer to the body. From what I recall, the only problem with the material was that it was virtually impossible to cut with anything other than a very expensive laser. But I remember being wowed by how light, thin and flexible the material was. At the time it would stop knifes, frag and subsonic rounds, but that was several years ago.

I wonder if this is the sort of stuff the Yanks are planning on issuing. You could get an all-over suit from this stuff for the same weight as our CBA, and just put the ceramic plates back in the conventional places.

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