US troops shoot dead Iraqi general

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armourer, Mar 17, 2005.

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  1. source

    For f*cks sake.
  2. Maybe their calendars had stopped?

    Flippancy aside - Oh fcuk. I'm sure his troops , and the veterans that served under him in the old days will be chuffed to buggery.

    Better get those Mortar radars powered up.
  3. Well, maybe they'll be called to account for their actions now, the dumb fcukers.
  4. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Nothing being reported on Al Jazeera - and they are not normally slow to pick up this kind of report.
  5. Who cares if they shot him, he's a DEAD Iraqi general. :wink:
  6. its that kind of remark that makes the US military the most respected in the world :roll:
  7. Thank you. You Brits aren't too bad either.
  8. my pleasure although I must admit that I was slightly disappointed that you didnt bite! :wink:
  9. We have four marksmanship princiles..... it would apper they still teach only one:
    READY... FIRE... AIM...

    watch and shoot, watch and shoot.... nuff said
  10. if it all goes well, i may be visiting the American Cadet Alliance summer camp , if so i will be teaching the Kids British MO in Combats situation. they may find it useful.
  11. I think the general was from the new Iraqi Army, Corporal I dont think there are two Iraqi armys, one fighting us and one we are training. Common sense needed :?
  12. So this is another FF/Blue on Blue oopsie, then?..

    what was his crime? Driving after curfew? Too fast? too slow?.. didn't have the right flag or markings? couldn't ' habla espanol ' or rap ebonics? of did he just look suspicious being in a uniform, perhaps, different from the starship trooper outfits the checkpoint fellows sport..

    can't find anything on the ' wire'services about this yet...Given the recent unpleasantness with Italy, you'd think this would get mucho play on the anti-Bush networks.. unless... ooh.. its being supressed by ' unnamed official sources '...
  13. Sorry to disappoint you all about this story. It isn't true.

    I am currently on tour in a location where I have eyes on to this. The story did the rounds a few days ago and set off alarms bells. The formation concerned did an investigation and found the story was false.

    However, like poo on the proverbial blanket...
  14. Ok, is there a dead General or not?