US troops cleared over shooting

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Apr 26, 2005.

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    Let's ask ourselves, did we hear about similar cases previously? Nope. Is it simply coincidence? It is possible of course, but what are alternative explanations?

    Ms Sgrena is too naive. She herself is of zero interest for USA secret services. But Nicola Calipari could be very dangerous. Is it strange? Not at all. Mr.Calipari no doubt knew many interesting thing. What is possible scenario?

    During a meeting with kidnappers mr.Calipari saw a person who (and he knew it pretty well) was American agent. It is one step from there to prove involvement of Americans in kidnapping of Italian journalist from communist newspaper.

    Look, the checkpoint was a temporary one. No doubt that there is a lot of permanent checkpoints on the road to airport and the car was checked (all cars are being checked on this road). So, no doubt that American knew about the car and about passengers.

    Probably an officer from CIA was orderer to kill mr.Calipari. He used a sniper to kill him for sure. But as a smokescreen "unfortunate incident" was arranged. US troops were told about suspicious car, that probably terrorist were in it.
  2. I think you need to back away from the crack pipe BEFORE trying to type coherently...
  3. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I think whatever credibility you had has just gone out the window with that pile of shite KGB.

    Editied to clarify it was not aimed at T-P. We seemed to have posted at the same moment and with the same sentiment. :roll: :roll: :roll:
  4. Dear Tracy-Paul!

    As illiterate Russian I could be foregiven for numerous mistakes and typewriting errors. But, as I see you understand my message pretty well. Above all, it seems to me that you agree, that this scenario is possible. So it can be discussed. There is a lot of professional here. Let's look at their remarks.

    Agruments like 'it is impossible because it is impossible' or 'you are fool yourself' are not too original to be answered.
  5. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I think Tracey is making the point – very eloquently – that you are talking bollox. You initially sounded interesting when you arrived on this site but you clearly have an anti US agenda and twist things to fit your anti American view. However because most on here know a little bit more than what Putin wants us to know we can then look at information, filter it and come to an objective opinion. You on the other hand appear to be a bit dim and are increasingly writing fiction.
  6. I've said before that KGBr's slant on 'Logic ' and 'Truth' means that nothing posted by him can be taken with any seriousness. This Rubbish proves my point beyond any doubt.

    KGBr, do you actually believe your own posts or are you just posting for comic effect?
  7. Sergey, put your shiny hat back on. Another crazy conspiracy theorist in our midst. :roll:
  8. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I'd be VERY impressed if the US - or anyone else for that matter - had a sniper with enough skill to shoot someone, in the back of a speeding car (and by most reports it was speeding indeed) at night on an Iraqi road. I think they did bloody well to hit it at all, even with auto fire!

    If the Yanks had wanted to kill the Italian chap, they had plenty of other opportunities.

    KGB_R has blown it completely, and none of his future spoutings can be taken seriously. Hard luck old bean - after you'd worked so hard as well :twisted:

    So, as you see Americans were informed about the operation.,,2092-1522477_2,00.html

  10. KGB,

    Your lack of experience is showing on this.

    It doesn't matter what you define as high-speed. If the vehicle doesn't stop at the VCP the guys will shoot - simple. Just because some officer is told to wait at the airport does not mean that the guys manning the VCP know about this particular vehicle.

    Why look for conspiracy theories in what looks to be just a classic screw up? They've happened before and they will happen again.
  11. First of all the car was stopped by fire within 700 meters from the airport. So it was not speeding car. Probably place of mr.Calipari in the car was well know to Americans (the car had passed many other checkpoints). Mr.Calopari was killed by single bullet in temple (from right side) not in forehead.

    You said that Americans would have plenty of other opportunities. I doubt. They knew pretty well that within few minutes he would be in the plane.

    American soldiers claimed that they aimed only at engine of the car (to stop it). Taking into account highest level of professionalism of American military I'm sure that namely that had been done.

    As I see you understand me in the wrong way. I placed there this theory (only theory) as a matter for discussion. And I'm ready to change my minde in few seconds. Once I would see serious arguments that prove that it is impossible from technical point of view then I would recognise them as valuable.

    Your agruments are very good ones but this discussion is not over, I guess.

  12. 1963 - Dallas. JFK. Very dead. Has someone come out of retirement?? That's a conspiracy theory you might like to start looking at, KGB_resident.

    KGB_resident = off his tits :twisted:
  13. Dear Mike!

    Suppose that a car from British ambassy in Baghdad would on this road to airport. In this situation ALL checkpoints would be informed about it to avoid any incident. I repeat that there was no even one case when a car with diplomats or high-ranked officials would be targetted. The car with Italians was not a usual private car. So information about it was sent to ALL permanent checkpoints. One of them is on entry to the airport. Italians were fired within 700 meters from airport. But why this temporary checkpoint was established? Was it informed about the car? If not then why?
  14. what ever you think of the Ruskie, this whole thing stinks of a typical septic 'brush over', its not even a cover up.
  15. Did anyone really think there would be a different conclusion?