US tourist killed at Olympics

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by pompey, Aug 9, 2008.

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  1. An American tourist has been killed in Beijing after a local attacked 2 tourists and their guide. He then topped himself.

    BBC News
  2. Let the Jihadi Olympics begin.
  3. One lone nutter killing a Yank and then jumping to his death doesn't exactly sound very 'jihadist', but then again it doesn't sound like the way to promote tourism :)
  4. Well..let's not hope for another 1972...
  5. I think it's probably more a case of the word 'Jihadi', or 'Jihadist' becoming a part of our modern language. It's becoming a descriptive word that vaguely covers any kind of event that could attract any kind of violent extremist or Chinese loony-toon with a berry sharp knife that feels a need to chop his way home through the crowds.
    Still, the good news is that his dive from the building scored a six-point-five across the board from the international judges.
  6. The attacker was a local boy, from what I've seen on the news. Nothing even vaguely islamic about this one, I'm afraid. Good thing too, what with the outrage wagon being VOR this weekend.
  7. not poking at islam this time :wink: using "jihadi" as a generic term for terrorist.
  8. Eight killed after 'terrorist attack' by Muslim separatists in China

    A series of pre-dawn bomb attacks by Muslim separatists killed eight people in China's Xinjiang this morning.
  9. If you can't be safe in a military totalatarian dictatorship with hundreds of thousand of security forces on the streets - then where is safe? 8O
  10. The outrage wagon is VOR and there is no back-up vehicle? That is an outrage and heads must roll.