US tops congestion charge debt

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by india-juliet, May 1, 2006.

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  1. Although there has been a thread on this, here is the latest.

    The update on the Robbing C Charge.


    1. US £271,000
    2. Nigeria £202,150
    3. Angola £127,150
    4. Sudan £94,250
    5. Switzerland £52,300

    The US embassy has said it does not intend to pay the fees, instead claiming diplomatic privilege.

    Good on them. I feel sorry for all the residents within the zone. Why should they pay to travel in and out. Time to rid London of this idiot of a Mayor.
  2. I agree too, its a tax nothing less. We already pay Income tax, road fund license and council tax. Would not be so bad but the roads are no better than they were before the tax was introduced. The idiot Mayor was a pillock of the highest order when the GLC was wasting millions of pounds and ruining London why anyone voted for him is beyond me.
  3. To reduce the number of cars going in and out. It wqould be interesting to see the air quality surveys for the periods pre- and post congestion charging.
  4. I bet they would not be far off each other.
  5. PTP I see your point, I think you will find they are reduced but don't forget the fact that cars and commercials have to be built to Eco V now, not Eco I as when the charge was first introduced and the minor impact that tax banding for emissions has had. Given that the vast bulk of pollution comes from Trucks, Buses and Taxis with a much greater overall average age and therefore dirtier engines, Routemaster has only just gone out of service and produced the same volume of NOx per mile as 40 cars! Before anyone says oh a bus carriers 80 people etc. If you measure total passenger miles divided by fuel consumed and volumes of CO2 and NOx, buses are not as ecologically sound as we are led to believe unless on the very busy routes. Have a look at the buses driving past, notice how much smoke there is?
  6. What I do notice, is it is much easier to get round certain parts of the Metropolis now. For people coming into London from outside, I think it's a fair initative. Not so sure about people who live inside the North and South Circulars though.
  7. More use of park and ride facilities could possibly help.

    Already got ride and park, it's called the M25.
  8. Have you seen the trouble on the fringes though, bloody awful, traffic trying to go round and its a bllody nightmare just before the cahrge ends, people pulling up and waiting just outside the zone. Is the scheme still making a loss?
  9. So there's congestion because of the congestion charge.

    Isn't this the ideal time to introduce a congestion charge?

  10. Is the congestion charge, actually not a tax but a service charge?
    Also did not the NYT have a leader saying that if the Americans paid road tolls in places like Singapore why not London? Finally they also made the point that British diplomats paid their toll charges in the states.
  11. For what service? Congestion free roads? Only thing is they are not congestion free, although since the price went up to £8 they are a bit lighter. If you pay for something you should get it, not get ripperd off.
  12. My memory on this is a little fuzzy, but I dont remember Red Ken lambasting the other countries on the list for not paying the charge, only the US. Glad I dont live in London with that tool in charge but he still makes us all look bad.
  13. Red Ken's countries list in order of hatred.

    1. US
    2. Nigeria
    3. Angola
    4. Sudan
    5. Switzerland

    Strange that.
  14. Just another labour dictatorship. How people have been fooled by all this is beond me.
  15. I thuoght he hated the UK more than anywhere else - Mistersoft.