US to use big bombs against Iran?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hong_kong_fuey, Oct 26, 2007.

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  1. Is the Persian scenario now reaching its climax?

  2. From the Times

    Isn't the reason for using the stealth bomber something to do with the altitude it can gain to allow a MOP to be able to penetrate the ground and reach the desired depth and not its ability to hide from radar?

    I could be utterly wrong on this.
  3. Sounds feasible. I heard that these Big Blu bombs could be carried by B52s, though only one at a time. Obviously a B2 can fly at a higher altitude than a B52. Plus, aren't Iranian air defences supposed to be effective, thus the B2 sounds like the right recipe for 'success'.

    God help us if the monkey from Texas drags the world into a war with Iran.
  4. From the same piece:

    "the State Department are tiring of pushing the rock of diplomatic futility up the slopes of Russian intransigence".

    I just love that phrase.

  5. Just because they are asking for money for such weapons to be used with Stealth aircraft doesn't mean its anything to do with Iran.
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Why God help us?

    Iran in no more of a military threat to the west than Iraq was in GW1, albeit their air defenses and general hardware are more modern, but then, so is the hardware of the west.

    A war with Iran won't include taking and holding much ground if any, it'll merely be to knock them back to using bows, arrows and camels to take us on with.

    Unlike Iran, we felt a need to occupy Iraq and Afghanistan due to 'regime change' issues. Bombing Iran flat has no such objectives, it would only be to remove their military and nuclear capacity.

    What would Iran do in return? Not a great deal apart from some more terrorism, and maybe, outside chance, they'd roll their remaining hardware across the border into Iraq, where it would be comprehensively smashed.

    On the naval front - wouldn't it be nice to sink some Iranian ships too?
  7. When I stated yesterday on the MoD to lay off 1000 thread that Big Blue was making puppy eye's at us and patting the space under the duvet, I wasn't refering to this 30,000 lb bitch ;)
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Yeah, nobody wants to get fcuked by a 30,000lb porker (can I say 'porker' considering it's Iran?)
  9. Much cheaper to replace the nuclear warheads in their Trident ballistic missiles with kinetic energy weapons. Three tons of concrete landing at 10,000 mph having fallen from the edge of space will do a lot more damage than anything a plane could drop.

    Hopefully, Dubya will remember to phone the Russians before giving the launch order. Otherwise, we might find ourselves in a remake of Dr Strangelove.
  10. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    dont think a 30, 000 would be exactly quiet.....
  11. I wonder if those fat sailors will get their iPods back?
  12. Yea till the Iranians cut off their oil (to the West - USA has banned oil imports from Iran since 1979) and then let their Iraqi mates take out the Iraq oil fields. Fire a few missiles into the Saudi fields and refinaries and ...

    No spare capacity in the World .

    Then the money makers start betting on oil futures and oil shoots up to $150 - $200 a barrel. West and East economy melts down and its the depression again but with a few million chinkies and Indians wanting their food as well.

    The shaved monkey is not that stupid ? is he?
  13. Do you really believe that?

    Unfortunately I think that both he and his administration feel this is a realistic course of action.
  14. Have we got the capacity to get involved in this, Fatty Mc Broooon seems to be taking up the job of Dubya's poodle from Bliar?
  15. Unlikely, that level of action against the world economy would surely give the USA diplomatic carte blanche to do what the hell they liked to sort Iran out.

    Besides, they'd need to sell their oil to us to get money to rebuild.