US to target anti-Iraq activity

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Alsacien, Jan 11, 2007.

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  1. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

  2. I wondered where her evil pixieness had got to.
  3. She has been gone for a while now. She is never on TV any more and she got a new deputy (Negroponte) who many people feel should be sitting on her chair.

    Rumour has it, she is been groomed for the vice presidency. Cheney suddenly discovers his health is not too good. He 'retires'. Condi takes the job and becomes the de facto Republican nominee. She somehow wins and chooses Jeb Bush as her running mate.

    Four years later, she steps down and Jeb becomes president. And the Bush royal line lives on. Tin foil moment? Maybe.
  4. 'her evil pixiness' - a beautiful description of something ugly there pongo.

    Did you know that Condoleezza had an oil tanker named after her?
  5. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    2 questions:

    Is she not seen as capable in her role, or is Negroponte just better?

    Would she need to "back door" to be a candidate - would not the black women with experience be enough?
  6. These people are not interested in elections unless they can fix the results. These people are not Democrats.
  7. John (I'm a survivor) Negroponte is without a doubt the senior 'Iranian Hand' available , and in his old age , appears to have mellowed as regards reality.

    I can't discern a "My Israel right or wrong' mindset from him, unlike Rice so he may be the better man for the job.

    Rice is a joke, especially after the Lebanon debacle. I would say she is totally incapable and dramatically out of her depth. She simply has no idea of how to speak to the Arab world, and I am of the opinion she doesn't even want to try.

    Time and time again, opportunities to bring Syria onside are squandered. Syria could be a very good ally in the war on terror. For all the shrill hysteria of Israel and their acolytes on the hill, Syria has no great love of fundamentalists or Al-Madeup. It is further alleged, that some rendered suspects are in fact being worked over in Syrian chokey.

    There isn't even a pause to consider that Syria and Iran may already be fighting a war by proxy against each other. I cannot see a reason why a secular ARAB Sunni state, would be fighting WITH a hardline Shi'a PERSIAN state against us.

    The favourite fallback to refute this arguement is "Oh they're doing the enemy of my enemy' bit. I don't think so.

    I believe Syria and Iran are already fighting a territorial war, though Iran are fighting against us and with the long view of controlling resources and the Shatt-al-Arab , something that Syria is not prepared to allow happen.

    If we could only get Syria onside properly, that is one flank we'd have to worry about less. But I can't see that happening, if we (The US) do the Shi'a Militias dirty work for it.

    Unless Secretary Rice makes a strong representation that the US is going to apply the militia clean up evenly , no one is going to take her seriously. Certainly not Syria, and definitely not Egypt.

    The only way I can see to effectively target 'anti-Iraq' activity , is to bring Syria onside in the strongest manner, something which Syria has been keen to get inolved in, and ignore the bleating and whining from Tel Aviv.

    The other effective way of course, is to purge the Iraqi Government,Police and Armed Forces and find an empty lamppost for Al-Sadr. :evil:

    We can't hope to effect change, with a Government as corrupt as the one we still kid ourselves is actually interested in working with us, instead of their real masters to the East.
  8. Don't forget that John (I am the walrus) Bolt-on is currently unemployed and seeking a chair to warm.

    I'm not sure who is the better Secretary of State: Condi (I'm really black) Rice who seems totally out of her depth, or John (but I've got black in my name AND I am the eggman) Negroponte who has become nothing more than a nodding donkey.

    I know his recent report didn't go down too well, but if the latest 'surge' - or is it a blip? - doesn't reap quick benefits, can you see James (we definitely do have a dog in this fight) Baker being shoe-horned in for the remainder of this presidency?

    It seems with each 6 month advance of the calendar, Churchill's wonderful byline contained in my signature block becomes ever more meaningful. :D


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  9. That's it! I found it.

    There is a difference between Yugoslavia circa 1991/2 and Iraq today: the Americans do have a dog fighting in Iraq.

    Until now, all the boxes seemed to be ticked in both columns:
    - bloody civil war;
    - ethnic cleansing;
    - internment and torture facilities;
    - "death squads" masquarading as legitimate police forces (or is it the other way round?);
    - selfish 'leaders' pursuing their own self-interest and be damned the rest;
    - rampant religious fundamentalism;
    - and a federal government who's lost its legitimacy.



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  10. Alsacien wrote

    Negroponte is generally regarded as a world class diplomat. He is one of those who can hammer a point across without raising his voive. Very smart very accomplished. So it was rather surprising for him to be made Condi's deputy.

    The WH went to great lengths to explain that his repositioning was not a demotion. However, some disagreed. To be moved from a job where his immediate superior was the president, to a job where he had to report not only to Condi but possibly to Cheney and the SecDef is not exactly moving up in the world.

    Also, he had only been in the job for 21 months, not enough time to see his major changes come to fruition. Very weird.

    As for been black and experienced, it is generally acknowledged that she is and was beholden to the VP and Rummy. That's one reason Powell found himself unable to function. Because the two gentlemen ganged up on him and left him ineffective.