US to stay beyond Iraq handover


The United States says its troops will stay in Iraq until democracy is established there - and beyond the transfer of political power to Iraqis.
Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said this could take at least two years.

"There is no decision to pull out early," Mr Rumsfeld said, despite mounting attacks on the US-led troops.

On Friday, US helicopter gunships killed seven Iraqis near the northern town of Tikrit, suspected of preparing rocket attacks, the US military said.

The US general leading the military operation in Iraq, John Abizaid, has announced that he is moving his headquarters from the US to Qatar.

General Abizaid says forces opposing US-led troops in the country totalled no more than 5,000 - the majority being loyalists of ousted Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein

So there you have it. TELIC 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

5000 is all we're facing at most? Why the hell do the spams keep telling themselves these faerie stories?

Many thanks to Donald Rumsfeld, for really mobilising Iraqi opinion against us. :evil:


Hmmm - a long term deployment plan against an invisible enemy? Remind you of anywhere else in Asia the Septics tinkered in?

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