US to send 34,000 more troops to Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mag_to_grid, Nov 24, 2009.

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  1. Has the US GOT 34,000 spare troops? :?
  2. Mmm,my first thought as well.
  3. I would imagine they could muster that amount without too much trouble.
  4. If our ratio is 3 support soldiers for every combat soldier does anyone know what there ratio is? I imagine it is a lot higher. Im sure the extra numbers in whatever capacity they are present will be welcomed by everyone (With exception to the Taliban maybe).
  5. but the nice general asked for 40,000!!

    how many did we send to telic 1? 45,000 wasnt it? show you how much of a piss in the ocean we are really.
  6. We sent 45,000 on Telic 1 from all 3 services, some of them didnt even get near Iraq as they were supporting ops from an airbase somewhere or a ship yet they counted towards the figure.
  7. an even small piss in the ocean than i thought,
  8. So I ask was Obama threatening the republicans that if they didn't pass his modified healthcare bill he'd withhold the troops needed for Afghanistan?
  9. I imagine among that figure will be a lot of Idaho Air Force reservists with itchy trigger fingers. =| :censored:
  10. Hopefully. The way Afghanistan is going we'll be firing blanks at the enemy soon. Hearts and minds and all that!
  11. Given the bitterness in the GOP over their defeat, if he had it'd have been all over the Fox network in seconds.
  12. Yes, it's 33,999 to 1.
  13. Perhaps. :)

    Strange how it was all announced after he got essential votes through on health though!!
  14. so you think he would threaten the republicans with an action which would cause him even more damage? (not deploying troops) and in doing so possibly throwing away one of his central policies as well?

    dunno, personally think your stretching it there.